Jamie's House: Little kitchen upgrade

Last weekend Lowe's had a sale on cabinet pulls by Gatehouse.  I have disliked mine for some time, they were here when we moved in and are just not my style.  I was in Lowe's getting paint samples as usual, as I flipped through the sale ad I stumbled on a set of 10 cabinet pulls for $24.00 and change.  I needed more than 10 but $24.00 sounded like a good price to me!

This is what they look like on their own:

Here are the cabinet pulls on my cabinets before:  

The best part about these pulls besides their sleek design is that they are 3" so no filling of holes and re-drilling is needed to get these babies to fit (thank goodness, that actually made me a little nervous).  The cabinets are dated so I plan on painting them when the weather is consistently warm so I can keep windows open and paint outside.  For now this small upgrade will have to hold me over until I can do the cabinet overhaul. 

This is what they looked like midway through:

At first I was going to go with the cup pulls for the drawers.  I tried them out and I felt like they looked a bit heavy for the small drawers so they are going back to Lowe's.  This is what they looked like when I tested them, I also noticed how crooked some of the pulls were so there will be some hole filling and new holes made to straighten them out after all. 

And here is what I switched them to:

And then the unthinkable happened.  The last pull to be replaced put up a fight, so much so that after yelling, grinding my teeth, and stomping my feet all while under the sink I had to call in reinforcements to try and help.  Enter husband:

Even Kelly could not get this pull off so I am either going to have to come up with another plan or just wait until we replace this board all together with a lovely apron sink!!  That is down the road a bit but it may keep me from losing my mind staring at the last cabinet pull that got the best of me!

Any thoughts on how to get this guy off please send them my way!  What do you think about the cabinet upgrade?  If this were your kitchen, what changes would you make?

See you swoon,

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  1. What a huge difference they make! Yay! Now for the stuck pull, you could do a few things. Have you tried a saw designed specifically for metal? I have one and you could borrow it. Another option is to have just one very large pull in the center of that "drawer" under the sink: an oversized pull in the same style that is in the center of the panel.