Fabric, Fabric, Fabric

I know I got Shanna's attention, she is a fabric fanatic and I am quickly joining her.  You may remember my post right after we bought our entryway bench from Target.  I knew when I bought it, from reading the reviews, that the cushions were nothing to write home about but I liked the look of the piece and everyone said it was pretty solid.  At the time I paid $160.00 for it so it was a no brainer, I had scoured the Internet and furniture stores and could not find anything for less so that is how this baby became mine.

Back to the cushions, they really are pretty terrible.  They are hard as a rock and have an aged yellowish tint, not quite what I had in mind.  Shanna found this tutorial on Honey We're Home which is the perfect solution for my bench!  Now to pick the fabric. 

I have been slowly adding color to the house through my curtains and homemade art, pillows will soon join the party but the bench has me a little stumped.  I want to bring in fun patterns and textures without going overboard.  I went to IKEA at lunch yesterday to check out their selection and this is what I found:

Of course I was drawn to a plain neutral at first but I am not sure that is the best choice for this particular project:

On to the prints:

I need some opinions here, do you like any of these or even a particular color to go with my neutral sitting room (which has a few changes to come soon, you will have to wait and see what happens but I think you will love it!)?

If you have any fabric suggestions, stores, or websites that might help me make this decision please send them my way!

See you swoon,


  1. OOH! My kind of post! I would definitely go with a print for the cushions, as it will hide stains and dirt much better than a solid. I like the idea of a color more than a neutral too. My favorite source for fabric is fabric.com. We could also take a trip to JoAnn's and see what they have?

  2. Ooohh! Lots of eye candy there. I love this blog and I'm your newest follower. Stop by for a visit sometime if you'd like.

  3. I second Shanna's suggestion for a trip to Joann's. I found some amazing fabric for my kitchen chairs on clearance there for $4 a yard. Can't wait to see what you pick!

  4. At trip to Joann's is definitely in my near future, Shanna, we can add that to our list of places to go!

    Kim, thank you for stopping by and following us, I followed you back, love your blog!!