We are going to play a game...

I thought it would be fun to play a game with everyone and get all of your opinions on designing my home.  Not exactly a game but still fun to play around with color and accessory ideas!  Right now my house is a blank slate of white and beige so we are essentially starting from scratch here. 

I took pictures so that you could get a 360 degree view of my front sitting room.  Most of you have seen this room already, and at this point not much has happened in terms of decorating.  I want to know what you would do with this room if it were in your house.  I am looking for ideas that I may be able to use, and would love to learn more about your style along the way!

Sitting room as of March 21st 2011 (Macy was helping):

Picture #1

Radiators have made the room design a bit more difficult than I had expected.  Any recommendations for these? I have considered radiator covers but am not ready to take the plunge on those yet.

Picture #2

Picture #3

Picture #4

Picture #5

Picture #6

Picture #7

Would you paint a different color, or use different window treatments?  What woud you hang on the walls and which would you leave blank? I numbered the pictures to help show which shot you want to decorate.  I cannot wait to hear from you all!

See you swoon,


  1. First of all, I LOVE that rug. There is so much you can do with using that rug as base. I am such a fan of blue and green, and I think there are shades of green that would look great with that rug. I'd start with some really nice and colorful pillows. I've had a lot of luck at Marshall's and Home Goods. I think I'd keep the walls neutral (speaking from experience and learning the hard way), and bring lots of color in with accessories, artwork, etc. I can't wait to see what you decide!

  2. Hi! I have lots of ideas! What I would do:

    * bring in a round coffee table - preferably with a glass top so you don't cover the rug. The room has lots of squares and angles, so the circular shape will be a nice counterpoint. Scour Craigslist for this.

    * I'd do a radiator cover so you can make more effective use of the space and have it act as furniture between the chairs vs. dead space.

    * I'd do a bookshelf on the wall with the sconce: do black for sure. You'll want to bring in some dark here b/c of all the beautiful white trim and shades. Then you can pop some fabric covered foamboard in the back of the shelves to brighten it up and to highlight what you've got on those shelves. Target has some super cute bookshelves for less than $50.

    * take the brown pillows out and add blue or green or even that beautiful persimmony color that is in those Anthropologie drapes that you're looking at for the dining room. THat color would work in a fun, unexpected way wiht that rug.

    * Art between the windows for sure.

    * Do a few large b&w wedding photos in the room - maybe on the one large empty wall.

    * Cover the bench cushions with same or complimentary fabric as in the bookshelf.

    * bring in another piece of seating. I know you are talkinga bout a chair and a half. That would be great.

    * Some pretty lamps and little decorating stuff (lots and lots of white with pops of a few colors) and some pix!

  3. Hi! I would do a radiator cover, it will give Macy somewhere else to sit and also it can double as a side table. I would also do a piece of artwork or a big mirror above the bench in picture 6 or maybe make a back for it with hooks for jackets. Like everyone else has said keeping the walls neutral is a great idea, its a lot harder to change them.

  4. Holy moly! You all are awesome. Thank you for your confirmation on the wall color and bringing bright colors in through accessories, this makes me happy to hear.

    I think the pops of color will make a huge difference especially the greens and persimmon. And Siobhan, you read my mind, once I find a big mirror that I can refinish I am going to add it above the bench...and then maybe some more pillows on the bench! I am glad you all played today, I will be sure to show you what is added to the room as I go.

    I love all of these ideas, thank you!