Swoon Worthy Find: Anne Burrell's Braised Short Ribs

Since finding this recipe, and when I say I, I mean since my husband found this recipe, we have had it three times.  This dish is absolutely amazing!!  I do apologize for those of you who are not meat lovers but this recipe was too good not to share. 

Each time Kelly makes this for us it gets better and better.  Two weekends ago Tye and Shanna came over to have our Christmas dinner.  We do this instead of exchanging gifts so that our gifts really end up being a great dinner and some much needed time spent together.  This year it happened a little later than we would have liked but better late than never!  We decided Food Network's, Anne Burrell's short ribs would be the menu, and again, we were not disappointed.

These ribs are just fall off the bone, melt in your mouth perfect.  They are slow cooked in the dutch oven for 3 hours so they can suck up all the lovely juices added in with them.  Kelly has said the prep time is a bit time consuming but the actual cooking is incredibly easy since they just sit in the oven most of the time.

This picture will have you running to the kitchen for this meal:

If you try this recipe out let us know what you think!  If you have any go to recipes or any recipes that have blown your socks off send them to us, we would love to try them out too!

See you swoon,

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  1. I can attest: they are not only swoon-worthy, they are also drool-worthy. Cannot wait to try these myself!