Let's talk floor plans! {Shanna's house}

My friend Mandie loves architecture.  She loves it so much that she offered to draw up some floor plans of my and Jamie's homes if she's ever in the Philly area.  Mandie also works, has four children under age 6 and lives in Pittsburgh, so the odds of her coming out to Philly just to sketch my house in the very near term are probably pretty slim.  But I got the idea into my head and agree that having a floor plan of my home and Jamie's home might be something fun (for me to do and for you to look at).  Mandie said, and I agree, that it's easier to visualize someone else's home if you can see the layout.

So until Mandie arrives with her pad and pencil, I will make do with a virtual floor plan that I created on floorplanner.com (it's free to create, but you have to sign up for "plus" to save and publish your designs). I had so much fun creating these floor plans of my two stories.  The scale isn't perfect, but you get the idea of how one room flows into another.    

And here it is!

Ground Floor

Second Floor

Hopefully Jamie will be able to create a floor plan of her home soon, too!  What say you: does this help you visualize the space a little better? 

See you swoon,

{note: floorplanner.com has not comped or paid us to mention them here today}


  1. Oh my goodness I made your blog!!! I'm famous!!! :-) Love it.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Mandie! Jamie is going to post hers tomorrow and then we'll link up the floor plans to our house tours in the nav bar at the top. :)