The lay of the land {Jamie's House}

Welcome to my home round two!  This floor plan website, was so much fun to play around with and now I have a pretty floor plan to show my family and friends, especially those that have not had a chance to come down our way yet.  It can also serve as a map so if you do come over you won't get lost in my house (hehe!).
The rooms are not exactly to scale as Shanna had mentioned yesterday but you can get a great feel for the layout of our houses nonetheless.  It had not crossed our minds that the pictures we have been showing may not give an exact feel for how you get around from room to room so this was a great suggestion and I hope makes you feel more welcome!
First Floor

Second Floor

A lot of twin homes have a similar layout, any twin home residents out there?  Has anyone used this website before?  Forthose of you planning to demo a room or an entire house (Shanna...maybe) this would be a great tool to redesign your rooms! 

See you swoon,

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