Reader Request: Rita's Dining Room {part 3}

This past Saturday, Jamie and I spent a few hours doing a few of our favorite things: talking, drinking coffee and painting.  Painting is seriously one of my favorite DIY projects because it is instant gratification (white to blue in just an hour!) and, at least for me, extremely therapeutic.  

We are making amazing progress on our mother-in-law Rita's dining room (we blogged about part 1 of the process here and part 2 of the process here).  Recall that she asked us to help her update her space without breaking the bank: this challenge is right up our alley.  So, thus far, we have removed the wallpaper and border, removed the old valence over the window, and painted the trim a crisp creamy white.  Saturday was all about the walls and what a transformation! Here is the newly painted space:

Rita saw this color in a Better Homes & Garden magazine. It is Sherwin Williams "Misty" and is a bluish gray (though it's funny: in some lights it is more grayish blue).  I decided to try Lowe's Valspar paints for this project: you all know that I am usually very brand-loyal to my local Sherwin Williams store.  But I have been Valspar-curious and the price made it even more compelling.  Plus, Rita lives close to Lowe's, so if we needed more paint mid-way through the project (which we did) it would be more convenient.  I pretty much adore Valspar after this experience ... well, as much one can "adore" paint anyway.  It is really great stuff: covers beautifully, low odor, super good stuff.  I'm not sure that I am ready to abandon my beloved Sherwin Williams for good just yet, but I will definitely use Valspar again.

Anyway, back to the dining room! It took about three hours and a gallon and a half of the Valspar paint matched to Sherwin Williams "Misty" to transform the dining room.  We put white switchplate covers on and put the chandelier shades on the chandelier, too.  It's looking good!

So what's next?  Just decorating!  I painted the mirror from Home Goods this past weekend too: it's now a lovely glossy Dover White to match the trim and ready to be hung on the wall.  I have to spray paint two gorgeous lamps for the buffet that I scored for a song on Craigslist and cover over the shades with fabric or maybe add some ribbon trim.  We have to make window treatments, which we will do with white linen (and I promise to post a tutorial).  And of course hang things on the wall, accessorize and snap the lovely after pictures!  Stay tuned!  

See you swoon,


  1. Love the paint color. It's really coming together nicely!

  2. Thanks Heather! We're happy with it - especially Rita, which is the most important thing. The walls are a lot more gray in person than they appear in the pictures. And the paint was still drying in these pix, so they look a little blotchy. But we are making good progress!