Reader Request: Rita's Dining Room {part 1}

Happy March!  Have I mentioned how excited for Spring I am?  I think I have maybe once or twice or one million times.  I'm so happy that at last we are in the month that Spring finally arrives.  Until the weather really thaws, I'm going to focus on helping my in-laws redo their dining room. Talk about a cure for the Winter blues!

My in-laws live in a beautiful, gracious home about five minutes from where we live.  It is colonial style and perfectly suited for entertaining, especially the large dining room.  Rita (my mother-in-law) asked if Jamie and I could help her update the space a little, since it remains pretty much as it did when they bought the house years and years ago.  It took me about one nano-second to jump at the chance!

Here are the pictures of the space "before":

As you can see, the room is very traditional, and because the rest of the house is traditional in decor and design, it should stay that way.  The furniture will remain as is: it's a lovely dark wood.  However, we have some major plans for this space, and I'm planning to make the total come in around $100 (not including the cost of paint).

Here's what is on tap for the space:
  • take down all wallpaper (including the border) with a wallpaper steamer borrowed from my parents;
  • paint all the trim my favorite Dover White from Sherwin Williams. Right now, the trim is a grayish taupe color;
  • repaint the room Misty by Sherwin Williams, which is a lovely soft gray (I may try Lowe's Valspar and have it matched to Misty, though the jury is still out on that one);
  • add a little glamour to the chandelier by adding white chandelier shades;
  • remove the valence above the bay window to let in more light and clean up the lines of that area a bit and create a custom window treatment (likely DIY drape shades using fabric of our choice, my favorite no sew seam tape, grosgrain ribbon and some tension rods);
  • change up the artwork and bring in a large mirror for one wall, and hang a bunch of Rita's collectible, heirloom blue and white plates on the wall;
  • add lots of blue and white to the room in accessories; and
  • bring in two buffet lamps on one of the buffets.
And that'll do it!  It sounds like a lot, but it really isn't.  Rita and I will spend one day tearing down the wallpaper and maybe starting the trim; then we'll take another day for trim; and the following week, I'll come back and handle the wall painting solo.  Stay tuned on Friday for what we've accomplished thus far!

See you swoon,


  1. I can't wait to see the final reveal!

  2. Thanks Heather! It is coming along nicely.