Last night I got home from work and was itching to do something to the house.  It wasn't incredibly late but I had to pick something that I could finish without any loose ends hanging out there.  I am not sure I can add any more projects to this weekends agenda.

 I intend to accomplish the following: re-painting my bedroom, refinishing a mirror I picked up a Home Goods, hanging a diiferent mirror in the bedroom which I also picked up at Home Goods, and if time allows and my neighbor is around I would like to replace some wire shelves with new wood shelving.  I need my neighbor to help me with his saw, he did show me how to use it but I have yet to actually cut anything important so I may need his assistance again. 

Due to all of these projects I have lined up, I chose a simple caulking job that I knew I could finish but would give me great satisfaction.  I have been staring for months now at the cracks between the crown molding and the plaster/drywall in my bedroom.  I am not sure where these cracks came from but they were hideous and in my face every day so they had to be dealt with.

Here is what it looked like with the cracks, these were all around the room (I am hoping they do not come back):

Shanna had seen a crack like this in my dining room and had suggested using caulk that you could paint over.  It worked like magic and you would never know there had ever been a crack in the first place.  So applied that technique here as well.  I just bought this tube at Target.  I did not have one of those plastic caulk tools that helps to smooth the line out so I used my finger.  It still worked great but was just a little messier than it had to be.  I would recommend going to buy a cheap plastic caulk scraper. 

Here we go!  For those of you looking too closely, I need to paint my nails, I was picking at work, BAD, BAD, BAD.

And here is what is looks like now.  I am excited to paint to get hat crisp clean paint line again and next week I can show you how the room is shaping up.

Happy Friday to you all!  What are you doing this weekend?  Any fun parties?  Painting?  Woodworking?  Is anyone lucky enough to have off today?  Oh and happy day light savings!! What will you do with your extra hour of light?

See you swoon,

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