A beautiful housewarming gift from my favorite store

When Kelly and I moved into our new home I had mentioned that our new neighbors are also our best friends.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun living on our street has been so far.  Everyone gets together all of the time, in my mind I picture the 1950's where kids are running around outside playing, parents are always getting together and looking out for one another.  The best part is, instead of having to just picture it in my mind this is actually happening outside my window!  To us, our home is our slice of heaven and we could not be happier.

So to bring things back to the housewarming gift, to welcome us to our new house, our friends bought us a few beautiful glass vases.  You may have guessed this already, they are from Anthropologie!  They are going to be perfect with the plan I have in my head for the dining room and what I want to place on the shelves as decor (stay tuned, I will get this part done eventually!). 

I love these because they are a bit unexpected when it comes to a housewarming gift but I have enjoyed them since the moment they were given to us.  The blue and green glass is so rich and the glass is thick at the bottom which I love (I am a sucker for thick glass).

Here they are at the store:

I love how shiny they are and the colors mesh so well together.  I am not sure I will ever use them as vases but standing alone they are stunning. 

Here they are in my house (I like to move them around to different locations):

On the Buffet

And on the dining room table

What accessories are you using in your home?  Do you have a favorite home store that you can share with us?  If you go out shopping this weekend take pictures of some of the things you are considering or items you have purchased and send them our way so we can swoon over them too!

See you swoon,

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