A shopping dream come true, Polyvore we love you!!!

This website, Polyvore,  is a one of kind shopping experience where you can shop all of your favorite stores and designers and then on top of it all, create your very own style boards, do I need to say it?  DANGER.

You can ask for and give style advice for any occasion (kind of like we do here!).  I love that you can click on the explore tab and find up and coming "sets" which are the trends they have found or put together.  They create style boards of fashion from high end designers to less expensive styles which has landed me right in la-la land.  And as if this was not amazing enough, when you roll your mouse over the trend boards they list out where each item is from and how much it costs, a shopping fanatics dream come true, I am almost speechless.

Here are a couple boards that tickled my fancy so I thought I would share.  I am in the middle of creating my own right now, there is just so much to look at, I am not sure if I will ever be done.  I did stumble upon a couple boards that I wanted to share with you so you could get a feel for the awesomeness that I am experiencing right now. 
Acne boat neck top
$230 - lagarconne.com

3 1 Phillip Lim trench coat
$550 - lagarconne.com

Black jeans
239 GBP - farfetch.com

Acne leather high heels
$560 - net-a-porter.com

Mulberry oversized handbag
914 GBP - net-a-porter.com

Ray Ban ray ban shade
$139 - net-a-porter.com

Some of these particular items may be a little lot out of my price range, until I am a billionaire of course, so I found this one which is a bit more reasonable for my wallet.

J Crew merino wool top
$88 - jcrew.com

J Crew graphic tee
$30 - jcrew.com

J Crew blue jeans
$125 - jcrew.com

J Crew patent leather pumps
$178 - jcrew.com

J Crew leather shoulder bag
$295 - jcrew.com

J Crew skinny gold belt
$35 - jcrew.com

That's more like it!  You get the idea, so head on over there and check it out, you will love it.  And I think you will be happy to hear that not only do they have a fashion website but a beautiful blog to boot!  Check this out while you are surfing the net today, The Official Blog of Polyvore.

Has anyone used this site before?  Are there any other blogs or websites like this that you know of?  Please share!

See you swoon,

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