What Would Jamie Wear: New Year's Eve on the Town

2011 is almost here if you can believe that, I sure can't but ready or not, here it comes!  So with the fast approaching new year the question(s) of the moment will be  where are you going to be when the ball drops and depending on the answer to that question your next thought is most likely, "What am I going to wear"! 

While I do miss dressing up for New Year's Eve and hitting the town, Kelly and I have joined our friends in a new tradition, a sweatpants party!  I know for younger folks this may seem a little lame but it really does not get any better than dressing down to go to a party where everyone drinks champagne, plays board games, and waits for the ball to drop in complete comfort.  I probably do not have to show you how to wear comfy clothes but this week for all of you going out for the holiday or going to a house party where sweatpants are not invited I will show you a few items that you can use to make any outfit a bit more festive. 

Forever21 Beaded Front Chiffon Top:  This would be great with a pair of skinnies (my favorite) or to make it a little more formal you could tuck it into a skirt, slightly bloused out with a trendy belt.  This would be great with black stockings and a pair of black velvet pumps! 

J Crew Couplet Dress: This one is a classic and can be worn for many other occassions besides New Year's Eve 
Couplet dress


Topshop Waterfall Ruffle Assymetric Dress: LOVE , this dress and it would be beautiful alone with black heels or with black stockings and a sexy pair of pumps. 


Topshop Embelished V Back Blouse:  This top has just enough bling to ring in the new year and would look amazing with a pair of dark jeans tucked inside your boots or with long boot cut jeans over a pair of tall pumps.  



Stella & Dot: This is a night to really glam it up, so here are some gorgeous accessories that you could wear with a simple black top and dark jeans or black skinny jeans/pants.  In this case the accessories are really the star of the show and the simple wardrobe choice can be the stage to set it off. 




I hope you all have fun shopping for your night out and if you need help or have questions, send them our way. 


See you swoon


  1. I absolutely love the idea of a sweatpants party for New Year's Eve! It sounds like a cozy and enjoyable way to ring in the new year. However, for those attending more formal events, the outfit suggestions you've provided are fantastic. The Forever21 Beaded Front Chiffon Top paired with skinnies or a skirt sounds chic and versatile. The J Crew Couplet Dress is indeed a timeless choice for various occasions. The Topshop Waterfall Ruffle Asymmetric Dress exudes elegance and can be styled with black heels or stockings and pumps.

    The Topshop Embellished V Back Blouse is perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to your outfit, whether paired with jeans or boots. Lastly, the Stella & Dot accessories would undoubtedly elevate any simple black top and jeans ensemble. Thank you for sharing these stylish suggestions, and happy shopping to everyone preparing for their night out!

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  3. When it comes to planning the perfect outfit for New Year's Eve on the town, Jamie has a range of stylish options to consider. From sparkling sequin dresses to chic tailored suits, the possibilities are endless. The key is to strike the right balance between glamour and comfort, ensuring that Jamie can dance the night away while looking effortlessly chic. Considering the venue and dress code is essential in making the right fashion choice. For those uncertain about what to wear, seeking professional assistance like write my assignment for me can provide valuable insights on fashion trends and styling tips. With expert guidance, Jamie can confidently select an ensemble that reflects personal style, embraces the festive spirit, and ensures a memorable New Year's Eve celebration. So, whether it's a glamorous cocktail dress or a trendy jumpsuit, Jamie can step into the new year with confidence and style.

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