Shanna's Bathroom Before & After

Cue the angels and trumpets: It Is Finished!  Behold ... my beautiful, new, non-brass bathroom reveal!

 Ahhhh.  Doesn't it look nice?  One of the benefits to having a pretty small bathroom is how fast a project like this comes together.  All told, it only took about four hours (yes! four!) to transform the space and rip out those doors.  I'll give a tutorial on how to rip out the doors in a later post, but for now, I can say that it was really simple.  So simple that I was able to handle it solo.  Score.

Anyway, since I know everyone loves a good before and after, here you go:

BEFORE: as you can see, we had brass trimmed shower doors.  Yes, they were clean and functional (I will miss those towel bars for sure), but they were just so dated and the raised bar at the bottom made giving baths to the kids a real challenge.  I should note that I snapped these pictures after I put up a few test squares of the new paint color on the wall. Oops.

AFTER:  goodbye doors, hello curtain!  I think the new curtain makes the space look much more open and certainly a lot more modern.  This curtain was my favorite of three that I purchased (more on that later this week).

BEFORE:  I liked the wall color enough, but I was ready for a change. The "before" color was Behr's Smoked Oyster, which was a greyish lavender.  It was actually a great tone on the wall: softer than a normal grey but not too pink or feminine of a lavender.  Still, out with the old ...

AFTER:  ... and in with the new! I painted over the Smoked Oyster with Rarefied Air, by Sherwin Williams.  Rarefied Air is the lightest color on a blue paint strip - it's almost white.  I wanted to be more cohesive with the other colors in the house, so blue felt like a good choice.  Plus, I have always wanted a white-white-white bathroom, and Rarefied Air was just one paint color up on the paint strip from the blue in the nursery.  I absolutely love it.  As you can see, I painted above the wainscoting and the ceiling.  Sadly, the "hollywood" style bar light above the sink must stay due to the angle of the ceiling.  Yes, I could change out the mirror and do something a little more "now" but since we're planning to move in the relative near-term, I think we will make do with what we've got.

And that's about it!  Please excuse me while I go grab my favorite pen and make a big X over the "bathroom" part of my To Do list.  Yee haw.  Stay tuned for a few more posts on the transformation of this room.

See you swoon,

{I should also give a big shout-out to my brand new digital camera.  L-O-V-E.  What a difference!  I'm now using a Canon PowerShot SD 1400 IS Elph.  I have no idea what that all really means except the camera is amazing and takes great pictures. Hopefully my posts will be easier on the eyes going forward!}


  1. Looks awesome! Love the curtain :)

  2. Shanna! So beautiful! Congrats on your latest project! I love the curtain, too, and may be stealing it for ours. I will wait your shower curtain post.