Rice Grain It Is

The last three days have been completely exhausting...and painful but as I sit here and gaze at all of the hard work that has been accomplished I honestly feel like it was all worth it and I would do it all again in a heartbeat.  I was going to wait to show you the before and after shots of the paint job that Shanna, Kelly and I took on so that I could show you the room before (you all have seen this madness but I will show you again in a minute), finish the room completely, and then reveal the after, but where is the fun in that?  So the plan now is to show you all the changes along the way, after all, most of the fun is in the journey isn't it?!

Some of you may have seen Shanna's comment after leaving here Sunday, the Rice Paddy that we were so excited about, well, it went back to the store, FAST (thank you Lowe's).  On the fan deck Rice Paddy and Rice Grain looked beautiful together, it was the perfect green for me.  Then I get the gallon home and BAM, on the wall is neon yellowish green, not what we had in mind.  This was very disappointing and for the sake of having clean painted walls for the holidays we decided on Rice Grain throughout.  This color is classic and leaves a lot of room to have fun with colorful accessories which you will see in later posts.

So here we go, McDonlad's colors are gone, here you see the before of the dining room and front room:

A little hard to see with the sun beaming in but we did end up counting four colors in this room alone including the ceiling and crown molding.  What you cannot see here is the wall with the scones that I featured before was dark green like the ceiling in our bedroom but not anymore!

And After: Notice the new dining room set from Craigslist, more before and afters on that coming soon!

And for the full Christmas Tree effect:

Send us your transformations, I would love to see the color combinations you have chosen.  And if any of you have found a green that meshes well with Rice Grain let me know.

See you swoon,

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