DIY: sock it to me

Around this time of year, it seems that everyone is searching for cute ornament ideas for their Christmas tree.  And if you have kids, you probably want something special and meaningful to boot.  I love that my tree is chock full of ornaments that are so dear to me: gifts from my parents' travels, heirlooms, homemade treasures from my kids and niece. Here is our 2010 tree (Fraser Fir - smells soooo good):

Enter today's DIY ornament: a sweet little keepsake that couldn't be easier!  All you will need is a baby sock and some alphabet beads available from any craft store like these.   I can't take credit for this idea: my amazing friend Maggie came up with it and suggested I might like it.  Of course I did.  And now I think of her and my kids when I hang these ornaments each year.

The process is so simple: take a baby sock that your baby wore on/around his or her first Christmas.  Then take your alphabet beads and sew your baby's initials onto the top of the sock.  I just used my kids' two initials (OO and MO) but you could add the middle if you want or even sew on their entire name: whatever floats your boat.  Hang an ornament hook through the sock (it should poke right through the fabric) and voila!

Don't they look adorable on the tree?

Do you have any creative and inexpensive ideas for ornaments? I'd love to hear!

See you swoon,

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