{birthday} Wishlist

Happy Birthday to Me!  I am sure everyone who reads the blog knows how old I am today, but for those who do not, I will be coy like my third grade teacher, Ms. Maurer, and just say that I am finally old enough to be President of the United States.  [Sidenote: I am sure when Ms. Maurer told our class this, she did not expect that one of her students was kind of/completely obsessed with Presidents and the First Ladies and totally knew the age requirements for being Prez ... yeah, that would be me]

Anyway, today is a workday, but if it were not, my favorite way to spend my birthday would be to go shopping for home and for me!  Here are some of the things I'm currently swooning over.

Floral Wreath Embroidered Pillow Cover, 18"

West Elm Pom Pom Throw (my cat would destroy)

Pom Pom Throw

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Three Months of Cheese

See you swoon,


  1. I am definitely swooning over that mirror! Happy birthday! Here's hoping that you get your cheese this year :)

  2. Thanks, Heather! Isn't that mirror awesome? I may try to DIY something similar in the Spring. I hope I get the cheese too ... it's been on my list for over 10 years and counting!