Chairs: Slipper Chairs, Storage Chairs, Armchairs….

I am officially out of shape big time and I will tell you how I know.  I painted this weekend attempting to finish off my front living room / sitting room and I am SO sore this morning!  I am pretty sure I need to take the day off to let my arm and legs rest from all the activity.  However, despite the pain I have to say I did a pretty good job getting most of the room done and I will show you the before and after as soon as all the walls are painted.  As a side note and I kind of knew this while I was doing it, you should not paint when it is dark, I definitely painted some cat hair into the windowsills and left a few streaks, oh and my steady hand...well not as steady as I thought that late in the evening.  The upside is that no one will really notice unless unless you know to look for it so if any of you ever end up at my house and I find you staring at my windowsills, I know what you are up to!

Anyway, that was a long story and what I was trying to get to is the fact that my front room is almost ready to furnish which is the most exciting part of all of this.  I have been looking at armchairs since we moved in so that this room can be a comfy sitting room that has a very lived in feel.  My style is nowhere near formal so I want everything to be casual but also have a put together look.

Check out some of these chairs and let me know what you think.  If you have any recent upgrades to your homes please send them in, we would love to feature your new design!

IKEA Ektorp Chair (I am probaby going to go with these but need to get used to the fact that armchairs are not cheap, nope, not even at IKEA)

Target: Modular Armless Storage Chair

Product Image

I know these are not really chairs but I would like two of these to put side by side against the wall , they can be used as extra seating or an ottoman.  This picture is from Young House Love, they bought this at Michael's


Crate & Barrel: Lounge Chair & a Half (This chair looks so comfy, it may be too big for the space but it would be a great place to have coffee and read a book in the morning)

I cannot wait to get his room together so I can share it with all of you!

See you swoon,


  1. I like the Ikea chair. Love the white because you can spruce it up with a throw and/or pillow. Take it from someone who has an awesome custom chair in her bedroom that now doesn't match!

  2. Thank you for the advice Heather! I really do love that chair, I hope I can show you pictures of our living room with them in it very soon...very VERY soon since we are hosting Christmas brunch this year!

  3. Just love your blog! Go for the Ikea chair. I'd fall off the one without arms...doesn't look comfortable for that coffee and book, but the Ikea chair sure does. Gives a bit of a feel of English country, and you can always change the mood a bit with different slipcovers too! Glad I discovered your blog...and just love the children's sock ornament! Keep up the stimulating ideas and conversation!