What Would Jamie Wear: Cape May Rehearsal Dinner

One of our readers has a Cape May wedding coming up and has asked for some help. This will be a two part post so stay tuned next week to see accessory ideas for the bridal party.

This rehearsal dinner will be more on the casual side with the groom wearing shorts and a button down. The dresses I have found will work for more than just a rehearsal dinner, you could wear them at work (as long as your dress code allows) and you could definitely wear them on the weekends for another party. Remember ladies, price per wear!!

I am in love with this color blue, it is so bright and beautiful.  The ruffle neckline adds just enough flare to make this dress exciting.

This dress is not necessarily something you could wear to work but it is a nice addition to a summer dress wardrobe and would be perfect for a summer rehearsal dinner.

This wrap dress is similiar to the first dress but this is another example of a dress that you could wear to work and could also double as a dress that would work for a rehearsal dinner.  The bold color makes you stand out without being loud or obnoxious and this color can be falttering on many people too!

The print on this dress really pops.   It is always nice to have a few dresses in your arsenal that are not just worn once and never seen again.

What are some of your favorite places to shop?  I love finding new boutiques and trends that I can share with everyone.  As always, happy shopping!

See you swoon,

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  1. Love these dresses, especially the solid blue! Thank you! Can't wait to read next weeks post.