What Would Jamie Wear: Accessories & Shoes for outdoor summer wedding

I am loving the requests I am getting for advice on what I would wear to certain events, this is so much fun so keep them coming! My most recent shopping quest came from a reader who is attending a wedding but already has most of her outfit completed. She wanted some help with accessory and shoe choices to go along with her outfit that sounds classic and beautiful.

I will describe what she has so far so you can get an idea of what she will be wearing and if you have any ideas to add we would love to hear them. The dress is black with a v-neck wrap top and a fuller skirt, she plans to wear a white cardigan over her dress that has pearl detailing.

Here are my thoughts. I would love to see a pop of color in the shoes and accessories that add a summery feel along with making them stand out against the black and white.




I just love how these items can be statement pieces all on their own but you can mix and mach the colors in each shoe, necklace or bracelet, not to mention you can wear these pieces time and time again!  So let me know what you think, and for all of you going to weddings this weekend have fun and happy shopping!

See you swoon,

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