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Settling on a color can be such a difficult thing: whether it is your wedding color, your wall color or even make-up colors. Most people I know (including yours truly) make a color decision and then worry about whether it was the right one.  "I know I want this for a bridesmaids dress, but oh ... the yellow is so fresh and pretty too." "I love this wall color, but kind of wish I had gone a bit lighter. Or a bit darker. Or maybe not as blue."  Indecision over color, which is such a powerful thing, is normal.

So how do you choose?

photos courtesy of Style Me Pretty 
For your wedding, anything goes.  Think about your favorite color(s) and flower(s).  Some brides base their wedding around those things.  For those who may not be quite as decisive, look at wedding magazines and blogs and bookmark or cut out the pictures that you like. Try not to focus on the color at first - just focus on what you like, what strikes you, what makes you swoon.  Think about where your event will be: a church & ballroom? outside under an oak tree? on a white sand beach? rooftop city loft?  Some colors may work better in certain spaces.  And for a short-cut, make a bee-line to Snippet & Ink and search for her inspiration boards: she does all the work for you!

photo courtesy of Benjamin Moore
As for home, wall color is tricky.  Take it from me: I have painted and repainted almost every room in my house.  Some were mistakes (the powder room that I wanted to be a butternut squash and ended up being electric neon orange) and some were me changing my mind (the dining room from deep red to light taupe).  When making a decision on paint color, it's best to invest a little money in the beginning, and by that I mean: (1) buy a fan-deck and (2) buy the inexpensive color samples and put them on the wall.  Fan-decks are usually about $10 and most paint companies sell them.  Pick the paint that you prefer (Sherwin Williams here!) and keep the deck handy.   Fan-decks are great, but there is no substitute for seeing the actual color on the wall, in different spots in the room in varying light.  What looks absolutely perfect on paper may be way too dark when on your wall.  Yes, you will have to live with big blocks of paint on your walls for a bit, but that's preferable to taking the time (and money) to paint the entire room, only to realize when it's all said and done that the color is not right.

Got any color conundrums? Let us help!

See you swoon,

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