What Would Jamie Wear: Black Tie Optional

Oh black tie optional, what does this even mean!? This can be confusing for a lot of people so you must be careful when choosing your attire for the big day and know exactly what this means. When you receive an invitation with this request you can be sure that the night is going to be truly amazing and that the hosts of the event have worked very hard to make this event spectacular. This is not the type of event you will pull your favorite sundress out of the closet for, it will take some extra effort and to be honest, that is the point. The hosts have gone the extra mile and they would like their guests to look the part and help make their event a night that stands out.   

Dresses.  The best option is to go long, you can find a short dress that fits the bill (make sure it is not too short) but you can never go wrong with a  floor length dress.  Feel free to look for subtle patterns that are not too loud and have fun with embellishments that make you feel beautiful!


Simply put, make sure they are stunning.  If you are a wearing a floor length dress you will rarely see them but if you decided to go short make sure your shoes are gorgeous.


You can have so much fun with this.  If your dress is a solid color you can really play it up with fun jewelry that sparkles or stands out with a contrasting color.  If your dress has a print or a lot of embellishments keep it simple and elegant.

Happy Shopping!

See you swoon,

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