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If you were not already aware, I absolutely adore magazines. I subscribe to about ten. Don't believe me? Ask my husband and our postman. I rationalize the high volume of glossies by arguing that I don't have time to read actual books and if left to my own devices I would surely purchase magazines at the newsstand (which is always more expensive than a subscription). Being the magazine maven that I am, I naturally have a few faves and am happy to share.

Wedding Magazines:

It's not that easy to find wedding magazines these days.  Sure, they are out there, but their numbers are dwindling.  It's really kind of sad, I think.  In fact, one of my absolute favorite wedding magazines, Elegant Bride, was canceled last year.  Sure, blogs are in and blogs are great, but it's just not the same as getting your hands on a glossy and flipping through the pages.

Martha Stewart Weddings:

I already raved about Martha's website, and I feel the same way about her magazine.  I never fail to be awed by the creative but not too "crafty" ideas in her magazine.  The magazine features pretty much everything and anything someone needs in planning a wedding: swoon-worthy dresses and accessories, Q&As, real weddings, DIY projects and honeymoon ideas and advice.  And, it's always 100% class with Martha.  I can look back at my stash from 2001 and 2002 and the weddings are just as lovely and stylish now as they were then.

Inside Weddings:

Inside Weddings is a bit more fashion forward than Martha Stewart Weddings, in my opinion.  Like Martha, Inside Weddings features it all: gowns, real weddings, beautiful ideas to make your own and tons of eye candy to enjoy.  Everything in this magazine is on trend or one step ahead.  Love it.

Home Magazines:

Oooooooooh, home magazines.  Unfortunately, home magazines are also folding (RIP Domino Magazine ... sob sob).  But there are still quite a few that make me do the happy dance when they arrive in my mailbox.

DIY Magazine:

I love this magazine.  Only two things could possibly increase my love for it: (1) that it would be published more than four times per year and (2) that I discovered it sooner.  DIY Magazine has so many easy projects (and some more challenging) for every area of your home: from choosing the right paint colors to refinishing a dresser and from tips on how to spruce up your patio to full-fledged makeovers.  It isn't easy to find the actual magazine, but I bought my first copy at Lowe's while waiting in line (to buy paint of course) and subscribed as soon as I got home.  I'm hooked. And I'd venture a guess that you will be too.

Better Homes & Gardens:

My thoughtful mother-in-law gave me a gift subscription to this magazine a few years ago, and she has been kind enough to keep renewing it.  I'm so glad: Better Homes & Gardens (who also publishes DIY Magazine), is chock-full of swoon-worthy home ideas.  While DIY Magazine is focused solely on home projects, BHG has a little bit of everything: home, recipes, entertaining and gardening.  I can attest that the first three are always wonderful.  As for gardening, I cannot vouch for its contents.  I do not, and cannot, garden.  I am cursed with a pretty very black thumb.

Architectural Digest:

It's funny: I have no clue how or why I started receiving this magazine each month.  I did not subscribe and no one I know sent me a subscription.  But my name is there on the addressee panel and I am not going to question.  Architectural Digest is so far from my personal design aesthetic and so completely beyond my budget, but I have an incredible appreciation for the designs featured in it.  The clean lines, the modern decor ... it all had me at hello.

There you have it! My favorite home and wedding magazines. What about you? What are your favorites? Please share if I've missed one or two -- because you know I'm itching to get just one more magazine subscription. Apologies in advance to Mr. Postman.

See you swoon,

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