To give a gift or not?

We all know the excitement of grabbing the mail and feeling the thick envelope that arrives inviting us to an upcoming wedding. The idea of a great night with friends and family and celebrating loved ones starting their lives as husband and wife is so much fun! It is a well known fact that when you attend a wedding a gift is expected and should be an honor for you to give to the happy couple.

What happens when you realize you cannot attend? Are you still expected to send a gift? Believe it or not this is a question that many people have and is very important to know.  My opinion is yes.  If the couple has taken the time to think of you and want you to be a part of this occasion then I think it is important to show your support and gratitude in the form of a gift.You can think of it like this, if it were your wedding what you want or expect your guests to do?

What are your thoughts?  Have you ever been confronted with this and what did you do?

See you swoon,

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