Progress on New Years Resolutions

I love how the blog makes me accountable for stuff I say I am going to do. That is part of the reason why I post my new years resolutions here on the blog.  I thought I'd update you with how things are going!  Here is the post with the round-up of what I wanted to do to my home in 2013.

1.  Paint the Entire House.

I wanted to paint the entire living space.  Right now, the house is painted a very cool white with blue undertones, which I absolutely hate.  I wanted to warm it up with a cream or a warm white in a landlord-friendly color that also made the place look warmer and cozier.

Progress:  Nada.  I've done nothing.  But there is a reason!  I'm thinking about buying my place.  If I do, two of the first things I would do is get rid of the popcorn ceiling and rip up that carpet and replace with hardwoods.  I think going through the monumental effort (and it will be) of painting would be a waste of time until I've settled on the color of the flooring and removed that awful popcorn. So I will make do in the meantime.  Plus, I could use any color of my choosing and not have to worry about what my landlord would like.  

2.  Hang More Pictures.

I wanted to hang pictures over my TV area and in the stairwells.  

Progress:  50%!  I bought a bunch of frames and hung black and white pictures of the kids over the TV.  I've since purchased more and just need to hang them and order more prints.  I haven't done anything in the stairwell yet.  

3.  Make a Mirror.

I wanted to make a knock-off of the Pottery Barn Eagan mirror and hang it near my dining room table - along the wall with the two large prints.

Progress:  Nada.  I am having second thoughts.  I may leave the frames (and swap out the prints) and put the mirror over the buffet instead.  

4.  Work on the Kids' Rooms.

I wanted to decorate and cozy up the kids' bedrooms.  Their rooms were a little stark. 

Progress:  45%!  Big's room is almost done.  I still have to work on Little's but I think once I do, it will be fast going.  I am searching for the perfect rug for her space, which is proving impossible.  The problem is that I know exactly what I want.  The hunt continues ... (and hint: it's not pink!)

5.  Update the Kitchen.

I really wanted to paint my kitchen to tone down those oak cabinets and/or add some hardware.  

Progress:  25%ish.  For the same reason as not painting the house (above), I am holding off on doing anything to the kitchen.  If I buy the house, I have lots of plans to update this kitchen.  So I don't want to waste time, money or effort now.  In the meantime, I have decorated the kitchen a little.  It helps.

6.  Work on the Laundry Room Closet.

I wanted to make this space look better - paint it, organize it, the works.

Progress: 5%.  I haven't done a thing, except to lengthen the chain on the overhead light so I can reach it without injuring myself.  That said: I purchased something that I want to hang on the walls and still have ideas for this little nook.  

7.  Work on Downstairs Patio.

I wanted to pretty up this patio by painting the chairs and making it into a more functional, fun space.

Progress: 0%.  It's been too cold to paint!  But painting those chairs is on my list of painting projects.  I am mulling over the color ... emerald green? Turquoise? Baby Blue?  Navy? I will eventually choose a color and hope to spend a gorgeous Spring (or Summer) day out there with a cold beer and a can of paint.  I have a lot of long term plans for this space - I want to make it into a breezy outdoor living room area.  But they are on hold for at least another year.  

8.  Organize the Closets in the House.  

I had a lengthy list of closets to organize: (1) entryway closet; (2) my bedroom closet; (3) my bathroom vanity and cabinet; (4) the kids' closets and (5) the kids' bathroom cabinets.  Oh these before pictures break my heart.

Progress:  A whopping 80%!!  Whoot!  I have successfully organized, and maintained, my entryway closet ...

My bedroom closet ...

And the bathroom cabinets and vanities.

All that is left is the kids' bedroom closets.  Yes!

So in short, I am making progress. I've shifted priorities a bit, which is bound to happen.  My top priorities these days are to work on the kids bedrooms, paint loads of furniture and, frankly, stop stressing so much about sticking to my to do lists at home and try to enjoy the blissful experience of kicking back and not doing a thing.  

See you swoon,


  1. your closets look great! I need to do the same thing, but I want to go out and buy baskets and pretty containers like yours!

  2. Oh yeah, your patio looks beautiful, I should join your quest to just do nothing and enjoy!