What I Wore {part iv}

Good morning!  Here's more of what I wore.  I love sharing these with you and am excited to see when people comment!  

* Floral Blouse & Chevron Skirt*

This was a bit of a risk and I'm still not sure that it worked.  I found this floral blouse at Target and fell in love.  I've seen it all over the blogs, too.  I really wanted a black and white striped skirt to pair it with - I wanted the stripes to be wide and horizontal.  I couldn't really find one, but I did find this chevron skirt at Old Navy and it was on sale for $12!  It was "dark night" which is actually a deep navy, not a true black.  I wore it with my brown riding boots.  

* Grey Sweater Dress with Brown Accessories*

I wore this sweater dress (which I bought on sale at Old Navy this Winter) already with black boots and a funky necklace.  I knew I wanted to try it with brown, so on a cold March day, I did just that.  I wore my tall riding boots and a wide brown belt.  I liked the way this turned out.  

* Ombre Cardigan, Magenta Top & Belt, Black Pencil Skirt *

If you haven't been able to tell, I am in love with belts.  I wear them all the time: wide ones, skinny ones, fabric ones, sashes ... I love them all.  I dug out my black pencil skirt (very old - I think it's from the now defunct Petite Sophisticate), my magenta cotton top from Banana from last year, and an ombre cardian from j.crew from 2010.  I wore my black boots and a magenta belt that I got on crazy sale at Ann Taylor after Christmas.  I think the belt was $5.  I rolled my shirt sleeves over the sleeves of the cardigan for a pop of more color. This outfit made me feel good. 

That's three!  Three vonderful outfits! ah ah ah.  Happy day today ... what better way to start than with a quote from the Count?

See you swoon,


  1. Love the last two outfits...not so sure the first one works for me. The skirt seems like it is too big on you. Maya

  2. Shanna your first outfit reminds me of this outfit on the J.Crew website:


    Its def a trend!!

    Also, I liked your comment on my 30-days til 30 post! I WISH I were in that same boat at the time of my birthday!! We've been trying for a long time :(

  3. I love the belts! Must try belts in my wardrobe!

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