Ideas for the Bathrooms

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  It was really nice here - Spring is upon us!  

A couple of weeks ago, I shared some of my plans/dreams for my kitchen, if I end up buying my place.  I am constantly looking around my little home, thinking of projects and things that I could do to improve the property if I owned it.  Up today are my ideas for my two and a half bathrooms.

Before I talk about those, I will tell you the very first thing I will do if I buy this place: hire someone to remove the popcorn ceilings.  There is popcorn ceiling in every single room. On every single ceiling surface. In the house.  I mean every ceiling surface, even under the stair landings.  I hate it.  And while I know it can be a big, if messy, DIY project, there is no way I want to tackle it myself.  I will happily outsource and pay for a professional to deal with the mess.  I am already starting to save up for this.  

Back to the bathrooms.  I would do these in stages: near term and long term plans. Some need a ton of work in the long term.  Here are the plans:

1.  Half Bath.

The half bath is the middle of the road bathroom in terms of what needs to be done.  It's in pretty good shape. But it needs some immediate attention.  I painted it grey (from a really ugly purple when I moved in) and added new hardware.

First and foremost, in the near term I want to replace the toilet.  This one is not very efficient and needs to go.  I'd also like to replace the light fixture.  I want to add board and batten molding around the space: right now it's kind of boring and tall and awkward and gets no natural light. I think adding some white architectural features would make the room look pretty good.  I'd like to replace the mirror with something more fun or add a wooden frame around the one that is there.   Here are some inspiration pictures.



Long term plans: I'd like to replace the sink and vanity.  The vanity is really cheap - made of plastic and the inside is totally warped.  It's fine for now, of course.  I also want to replace the floors with whatever I put in the entire first level (kitchen, entryway, dining room and living room).  I really love this bathroom below.  Like really love it.  Sigh.  I think it may be too much in my space, but I would love to copy the lighting, mirror, all that white and maybe the turquoise on the walls (the color not the paper).  One day.

2.  Kids' Bath (aka The Blue Bath).

I did some work to the kids' full bath: I painted the walls and replaced a lot of the hardware around the space.  This improved it a lot, but there is still a *ton* of work to do.  The bathroom is very blue: blue toilet, blue tub, blue and white tile on the floor, blue blue blue.  It is also very dated: the cabinets, the floor tile, the wall tile, the shower doors.  It screams 1980s. Blue 1980s.  Oy.

In the near term, I want to tear out the shower doors and replace them with a curtain, just like I did in my first home.  These shower doors really need to go: the track on the bottom is missing, so they swing out if you're not careful.  In fact, they swing out even if you are careful.  I think they're pretty dangerous.  I may even talk to my landlord about tackling this now, because I am very concerned about my kids' safety when they use the tub.  But safety aside, having a curtain would totally hide the blue tub!  Something like this would be perfect, though I would probably buy an extra long curtain so that it completely covers the outside of the tub:

I'd also like to paint the cabinets a soft grey and add hardware.  Right now, the cabinets are an off-white color.  I love my Alabaster wall color, and I think adding soft grey cabinetry will make the room look a bit more modern.  I'd also replace the light and toilet in the near term.  Here is the look I'm thinking:

My long term plans: total overhaul.  Everything would go: new floor, new tub, new cabinets, new wall tile.  This is a long ways away, but I think it would add tremendous value to the home.  Right now you have to forgive the 1980s bath.  I'd like to make this bath a true show-stopper.  I've always wanted to learn to tile, and I might work my way up to doing this.  We'll see.  Here are some baths that I absolutely loooooooove.




3.  Master Bath.

My master bath is in great shape.  Now that I've removed that horrific wallpaper and painted it in a soothing grey, the room looks really good.  The vanity is pretty new, the floor and wall tile is classic and great, and everything works and functions as it should.  In the near term, all I would do is replace the light fixture and add trim around the mirror.  That's it.  See the dated light bar and how the mirror does not have a frame? Those are easy fixes.

In the long term, frankly, I am not sure if I will do anything.  There is so much else in the house that needs attention and this room is pretty great.  I may replace the sink and vanity top with something more luxe like marble, especially because the sink has a crack in it, which you can see in the photo below.  But that's about it.

So there you go!  My plans for the baths.  Does anyone else daydream (constantly) about plans and renovations for the home? I hope I'm not alone. 

See you swoon,

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  1. OOh love your plans and ideas!! I esp. love the gray vanity, seriously I want to steal that idea for next bathroom remodel!

    ALSO, I taught myself to tile that its not TOO bad.. I was really nervous at first but I found I got the hang of it really really quickly. And believe me, if I can do it ANYONE can do it :)