Animal Weekend

Who's an animal?  This girl:

hi i'm crazy
Not a party animal, but a training animal.  I am in full on training mode for two major triathlons this season: the first is May 5 in the next town over from my hometown: the Devilman Triathlon and the big one, the Quakerman, is September 7.  Devilman is a "Half-Lite" distance (meaning it's in between an Olympic and a Half-Ironman) and has a .8 mile swim (in a questionable lake that is apparently muddy, gross and in which people have seen snakes), a 39 mile bike and a 9 mile run.  Quakerman is a Half Ironman, which is a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike and half marathon.  Both challenging races indeed.  However, Quakerman is so much more challenging because it is a very hilly course: the bike and the run have some doozies.  So this summer I will be training on hills.  Training on hills a lot.

In any event, the weekend of April 13-14, I decided to see how hard I could train my body.  Here's what I did:

Saturday 4/13:  ran 9 miles with my friend at 9 min/mile pace in the morning.  Then later in the afternoon, swam a mile in 40 minutes.  

Sunday 4/14:  started off the day by running a local 5K race.  Finished 7th overall (!) and 2nd in my age group.  I was thrilled.  The course was very hilly, so I was excited about my 26:28 time and 8:32 pace.  I really wanted to finish the race in under 24 minutes, but there was no way with those hills!  Then I met my friend for a 35 mile bike ride.  While he was throwing my bike on the car, I ran back on the trail and did a 5 mile run (this is called a "brick" workout).  I ran at 8:44 pace, which I am psyched about.

Monday 4/15:  ran 4 miles at a great pace before work.

RARRRRRRRR. Animal.  I'll probably share my training throughout the summer.  It is probably interesting to no one but me ... but it's my blog and I'll tri if I want to.  

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