Thoughts Running/Biking/Swimming Through My Mind

The idea for this post came to me on a run the other day.  That is one of the many things I love so much about running: I use the time to think creatively about the blog, come up with ideas for posts, solve work problems, put together outfits, etc. all peppered with tons of other steam of conscious experiences along the way.  I thought it might be fun to share what goes through my mind when I'm training in each of the three triathlon sports.  So here goes.  Here's what is going on in that mind of mine.  

* Swim * 
{note: that's not me below}

one-two-three Breathe; one-two-three Breathe; one-two-three Breathe; one-two-three Breathe; one-two-three Breathe; one-two-three Breathe; ooh, another swimmer in the lane next to me; one-two-three Breathe; I hope the swimmer makes waves so it feels kind of like a competition; one-two-three Breathe; light kick light kick turn the hips turn the hips; God I really need to learn how to flip turn; one-two-three Breathe; I hope my new Garmin 910 really is waterproof; close your eyes don't look at the line under the water pretend you're in a lake one-two-three Breathe; oh someone is sharing my lane;  one-two-three Breathe this is good, I need the person to kick water in my face one-two-three Breathe; did I hear a whistle? no, it's fine one-two-three Breathe; these goggles are fogging up; that's ok, embrace the fog, pretend you're in a lake,  one-two-three Breathe; this is useless you know you're in a pool; I can't wait until the 50 meter pool opens I feel like I am constantly turning  one-two-three Breathe; don't push off the sides, you can't push off the sides in the open water; one-two-three Breathe; ooh what will I eat when I am done? one-two-three Breathe; ok ok look at the watch how many meters have been swimming? Crap, not enough  one-two-three Breathe  one-two-three Breathe  one-two-three Breathe.

* Bike *

Clip in right clip in left ok let's go. WOW this is so fast.  This is so much faster than running.  I am flying!  FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGG.  Why do I like running so much more than biking? Biking is great. Biking is easy. Biking is fast.  Oh boy a hill - up I go.  Don't get out of the saddle.  Be strong.  Put it in gear.  Move those legs.  Don't get out of the saddle. You can do it. Don't get ... ok fine get out of the saddle.  wuss.   Yay you did it but now OMG downhill.  Clench your teeth.  You will be OK.  Don't ride the back brake. Be brave. You will be OK.  Make up time and speed. You're wussing out.  You're on the back brake.  You are a horrible biker and a wimp.  You need to get over your fear of downhills.  Yay a nice even flat area.  OMG runners. For the love of God, runners, get over to the side! You are taking up the entire trail. I *never* do that when I am running.  Hmmm, I wonder what I will eat when I'm done the bike ride. Could I really do 112 miles of this in an Ironman?  I'm tired of the bike.  Blerg.  No more bike.  I want to run.  Although, wow, those runners look hot and like they are going so slow.  I like that I am moving so fast.  My butt hurts.  

* Run * 

Don't start too fast.  Start slow.  When you feel like you're going slow, go slower.  OK, good pace.  Yay.  Oh look a bird.  Oh wait a plane.  "union's been on strike he's down on his luck it's tough ... so tough."  AGH 8:10 pace that is too fast for mile 1 slow the heck down. Car - I see you car, give me space.  thank you.  "she cries in the night and tommy whispers it's okaaaaay someday".  I have to finish that agreement today.  Must get it out the door.  Oh what about a blog post on my favorite running blogs.  Yes.  OMG everything is blooming and looks so pretty!  Wait did I take my allergy pill? I can't remember ... no.  Agh, ok remember to take one when I ... dog.  Big dog.  Ok dog is on a leash.  Owner is holding dog.  Thank you owner.  I smell bacon and eggs.  I hate it and love it when I can smell people's breakfasts.  What should I eat when I'm done?  eggs? mmm, eggs.  Oh wow, a herd of deer.  careful. slow ... hi deer ... don't trample me.  Is it a herd? Is that the right word? Herd? Flock? Gaggle?  Isn't a group of one kind of animal called a murder? That is crazy.  Oh no, the big bad hill is coming.  no no no enjoy the downhill now. enjoy it. don't get all upset about the hill.  What's this song? No, not in the mood for George Michael  - fast forward; no, no Beat It - fast forward; no, no Mumford - fast forward. Captain and Tenille? Yes.  Love will keep us together.  What socks am I wearing? Oh, the thicker Balaga.  I think my headband is sitting funny on my head.  "Some sweet talkin girl comes along singin her song ..." What about a post on birth? Is that too much?  Maybe not the kids' birth stories, but birth in general.  Oh, and the gross aspects of running.  What's my pace? 8:15 that's good for mile 4, keep going.  OMG bikers.  Slow down and don't get so close to me!  I am running on the side of the trail.  Come on guys, single file.  I *never* do that when I am biking.  Oh almost home.  The last mile is the best always.  Hungry.  Oh I want some Sprite.  Yes.  Sprite on ice.  

In short, I spend most of my time in the water reminding myself to breathe; most of my time on the bike wishing I were running and most of my time running singing along with music and thinking random thoughts.  What about you? If you swim bike or run what goes through your mind? 

Happy weekend!

See you swoon,

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