Organizing Love: bathroom cabinets

Ahhh ... Friday.  Funny how even after a super short work week, I'm always so ready for Friday to roll around.

On Wednesday, I shared how I organized and tidied up my entryway closet.   Up today are the cabinets in my bathrooms.   When I moved in, I pretty much just threw the bathroom "stuff" in the one large cabinet in the kids' bathroom. I did not organize it at all.  I kept the medicines on a higher shelf but figured I would eventually get around to it.  I don't even have a "before" picture of the mess. 

But back to my bathroom.  When I redid the space, I brought in a tall cabinet for over the toilet.  It is a great little storage solution: it was inexpensive, easy to put together and gives me just enough additional storage.  One thing that I have been meaning to do is bolt that sucker to the wall to stabilize it and make it less tippy.  So that's the first thing I did:

Once the cabinet was more sturdy, I could roll up my sleeves and organize the heck out of it.  Here is the blissfully bare cabinet.

I measured the shelves and kept the dimensions in my iPhone, so when I was out and about I could look for baskets and bins that fit in the space.  I was at Target after Christmas (I mean ... talk about a completely redundant, unnecessary statement ... of course I was at Target) and found some great little baskets for this project.  

I put my medicines in a long, narrow basket meant for CDs or DVDs.  The basket on the very top shelf is one I picked up from Home Goods over the Summer, and it holds extra toilet paper. 

Then I found these really cute white bins to hold my extra beauty supplies.  Look how nice and neat! 

And here's the money shot ... all organized and beautiful.

I have a few more tweaks to make down the line: I may put some wrapping paper on the little translucent windows to block out the view of the basket, just like I did in my first home on my armoires.  I would also like to add some sort of pattern to the plain white space behind the tissue holder.  Maybe I will wrap some fabric around foam board like I have done in the past or maybe do something with faux beadboard?  It needs something because it is sort of a cardboard-y material, so I want to either paint it or make it more substantial.  Stay tuned.

With my bathroom out of the way, it was time to turn to the kids' bath.  The job was a lot easier because I had already emptied out a bunch of stuff and put it in my bathroom where it belonged.  Plus, I was on a roll.  I followed the same process as with my cabinet: I emptied out the kids' bathroom cabinet, organized the stuff by type, brought in some really cute turquoise bins from Target and ... voila!

Ahhhh!  Tissues and toilet paper are on the top shelf; the turquoise bins hold bathroom supplies and meds/first aid stuff; and the towels are on the bottom.  

I have a few more spaces to organize: my master bedroom walk-in closet (gulp) and the kids' closets.  But I am well underway.  Have a terrific weekend!

See you swoon,

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