What I Wore {part vii}

Hello and happy Hump Day!  Want to see some outfits I threw together? These are all skirts and dresses.

* Ann Taylor Outlet Print Dress *

I love love love love love this dress.  I found it at the Ann Taylor outlet last year and as soon as I put it on, I scooped it up.  It was a great price - I think around $39.  It's flattering, comfortable and just plain great.  I don't wear many accessories with it: the print is enough.  And hello - it is time for a haircut.  

* Magenta Dress & Turquoise Bubble Necklace *

Jamie will recognize this dress: we found it together in 2011.  We were at, of all places, the Elmira New York Target.  We were there for a wedding years ago and both of us found amazing dresses at unbelievable prices (pretty sure my dress was $24).  We wore them to the wedding that night.  I have since had it tailored to fit even better.  It was a hot April day so I wore it with a turquoise bubble necklace I got from the j.crew outlet (ha, also with Jamie!).  Hair went into a low side pony and that was that.  

* Pink Sweater, Blue Buttondown and Taupe Pencil Skirt *

This is such a cheater outfit.  I wore it to a deposition that I defended.  You're technically supposed to wear a suit, but it was a Friday and I was defending and ... well, sometimes women can get away with a fancy skirt outfit.  Anyway.  I wore my favorite taupe pencil skirt (Limited) with a blue buttondown blouse (New York & Co.) and an old pink v-neck sweater (Banana).  It needed polish, so I grabbed my skinny coral belt from New York & Co.  

Have a terrific day!

See you swoon,

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