Three Little Prints

Good morning!

Here is a project that I have had on my list for awhile, but finally just tackled.  I am not sure why it took  me so long to do it, as it was quick and easy.  The project: add three little prints to my entryway hall.  Here is the hallway before:

As you can see, it's long and pretty bare.  I have the framed map print on the one side, but the other side needed a little something.  I wanted to keep it simple, but pretty, and as inexpensive as possible.  Enter prints from the old calendars designed by Susy Jack, of whom, as you know, I am a huge fan!

I always save the prints from her calendars, figuring I can find a use for them somewhere.  I wanted three prints that I liked and whose colors coordinated.  These were my choices:

I wanted to use colors from my living room so it all tied together.  So, I was drawn to corals, pinks and yellows, just as are in my pillows:

As I framed the prints, I worried that three prints would be too much.  So I decided to do only two.  I ended up choosing yellow and coral.  The white frames are from Target (I had one on hand, and just bought two more to match).

But as I hung the prints, I realized, no, three is better than two.  I was not crazy about the look of the other prints with these two ... it was looking a little too Crayola crayon box for me.  So I ran up to my room and grabbed a couple of grey prints, and this sweet grey number made the cut.

Here are the three little prints now!  

While I was at it, I kept looking at the green wreath print.  It was so pretty and looked perfect for framing.  I thought it might look a little better in the large frame over my fireplace than the existing print, which is gorgeous, but maybe a smidge too small.  So I changed them out.  I love the new look!

Before ...

and After!

I love that feeling of crossing something off my list and tackling an impromptu update to boot!  The more I look at and live with this wall color, though, the more I know I have to change it.  I think I am leaning toward a soft cream, but welcome any suggestions.  Keep in mind I'm renting and my landlord expects me to keep the colors light and neutral.  Any colors you want me to try?  Please share! 

See you swoon,

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