DIY Artwork: Susy Jack calendars

[Just a reminder that I am not being a blog-hog: as I mentioned yesterday, Jamie's computer is dead, so while she is offline purchasing a new one, I'll be doing the blogging here at Swoon. She should be back soon!]

One of the most challenging parts of decorating a home is finding artwork that, well, works.  When you have graduated from posters but cannot afford a "real" piece of art and are on a budget, what is one to do?  One of my favorite solutions is to re-purpose something that I love and create art for my home from it.

Enter Susy Jack's calendars.  I am a full-fledged paper lover: I love beautiful paper so much.  And I love to find beautiful, unique and/or vintage calendars for my office.  I spend a lot of time glancing up at the calendar to make sure of the date, so I want the calendar to look pretty.  Susy Jack's calendars are simple, lovely and contemporary.  Each month, she features a different design and color.   I have several framed in my home and plan to do even more. Here are her 2010 designs:

Aren't they divine?  They work perfectly in nearly every room imaginable.  What about you? Got any creative sources for art for your home? Do tell.

See you swoon,

{Note: Susy Jack has not comped or paid us to feature her gorgeous designs here today.}

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