Resolutionary War: Mo Motivation

So, it's the end of January.  By this time of the month, the gym is a little less crowded than it was in early January, which I always find to be both a relief and a little sad.  Sure, on the one hand, it's nice to have more space and less crowds, but on the other hand, I kind of wish the Resolutionary Warriors would stick to those resolutions and keep moving it.  Motivation, especially in the doldrums of Winter, is so hard to maintain.  I have a few tips.    

1.  Register for Something Scary.

I am not talking about a zombie race (OMG no. never). I am talking about registering for a race of distance that you have never done before or for a race that you know requires training and lots of it.  For me, it's a half marathon in March.  I've run half marathons before, but I know they require training. And on the heels of that race, I'm signed up for a triathlon with longer distances (.8 mile swim, 40 mile bike, 8 mile run) -- all to challenge myself and, frankly, scare myself into getting off my bum.  

2.  Put Out Your Shoes or Gear So You Must See It.

I do this often.  If I am running in the morning, I put my sneakers out next to my chair so they are the first thing I see when I get up.  I cannot avoid them, and they taunt me if I try to escape the run.  Similarly, when I need to ride my bike on my trainer in the den, I put my bike shorts out on the chair in my bedroom.  I also keep my medicine ball and arm weights in sight of the couch.  I do workouts in front of the TV a few nights per week, and these are so easy to blow off.  I feel a twinge of guilt if I see those things while parked on the couch, which makes me get up and do my workout.  

3.  Buy Yourself Something New.

I am not talking a major purchase, but sometimes buying a new piece of workout gear can help get you out there.  Maybe a new headband, like the Sweaty Bands below. 

Another option is a new playlist for your iPod.  Maybe look for some new tunes to inspire you to get moving.

4.  Check In With A Friend.  Better Yet: Train With A Friend.

My friend Heather and I email every day.  Even though I know she isn't going to yell at or chastise me if I don't do a run or workout, I still feel accountable and tell her when I have done them.  She does the same.  I know she is interested to hear if I did my run or workout and how it was and for how long, just as I am interested in hers.  We keep each other motivated: cheer on the good runs, build each other up after not-so-good runs and just keep each other on track.  

Heather and I before the Ocean City Half Marathon - 2011
And, if you can commit to running or working out with someone, you won't slack off.  I sometimes run with my one work friend after work.  Knowing she is bringing in her running gear makes me do it too.  

5.  Put On Your Bathing Suit.

Desperate?  Oh go grab that bathing suit.  Put it on and stand in front of the mirror.  One of two things will happen: (1) you'll be inspired to move move move or (2) you'll be so happy with what you see, you will not want to stop.  

I'm lookin' at you, bad boy.  

I hope this is helpful!  I've really enjoyed blogging about the ways I love to stay in shape.  If you'd like to hear more about running, triathlons or anything else, let me know!

See you swoon,

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