Me and My Shadow[box]

Hello hello!  I hope you are doing great today.

I am so excited about this little project that I recently did.  I had not planned to do it but as soon as I stumbled upon what I thought went missing in my recent move, I knew I had to just take some time and get it done.  I had everything ready to go and it was a breeze.  What is it, you ask?  A shadowbox with my Pop-Pop's old tie tacks.  He was in the Navy and worked on airplanes, so almost all of his tie tacks were airplanes.   

My beloved Pop-Pop passed away back in 1990, when I was about 14 years old.  He was kind hearted, soft spoken (except when he was mad, which was so rare I can only remember him being mad maybe twice) and incredibly loving.  He was a thin man with a voracious appetite (I like to think I got that from him), and he used to put ice cubes in his milk (something I also love to do).  I remember his loud funny laugh when he watched "The Three Stooges" on Sunday mornings.  My sister and I used to spend every Saturday night with Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop: we'd go to dinner, watch TV and eat treats.  It was so special and wonderful and I had no idea until I had kids of my own that my parents might actually enjoy that time without us kids!  Those memories with my grandparents are so precious to me.  Pop-Pop passed away far too soon, and I miss him very much.  

Mom-Mom, Pop-Pop and I (approx. 1977/1978)
A few Christmasses ago, my Mom-Mom asked if I might be interested in some of my Pop-Pop's old airplane tie tacks.  I had no idea what I would do with them, but I jumped at the chance to own something of his, as I have nothing but pictures and the set of pearls he gave my mom, which she in turn passed on to me.  I thought about making the tie tacks into Christmas tree ornaments, but they seemed a little small for that.  Enter the shadow box.  Yes!  I found a white shadowbox at Ikea on clearance in the "As Is" section for about $5 because it was used as an in-store display.  It had a little hole in the one side of the frame, but I knew I could cover that up. 

The project was so easy.  I had a small piece of corkboard on hand, so I cut that to fit the frame and simply wrapped the cork in a scrap of white fabric.  I tried others, but I liked the white on white (of course I did ...).  Then I punched the tie tacks through the cork and just used some needle-nosed pliers to bend the end of the tie tack over, so that it wasn't sticking out and sort of affixed itself to the cork.

I used duct tape around the edges of the frame to hold the fabric in place.  I also used duct tape on the back of the frame, since with the cork and fabric it was a little bulky.  

And here it is!  All neat and pretty.  

I'm loving this simple little project and love that whenever I see it, which is every single day, I will think of my grandfather.

As for where it is displayed, oooh, I have an update for you!  Stay tuned. 

See you swoon,

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