Mantle Mania

Brick wall painted, check.

My mantle is 8 feet long, yup, it's a doozie.  I have always had a few things up there but they always seemed to miss the mark somehow.  I tried many things and love, love, love candles but what Shanna helped me realize is that due to the size of my mantle and fireplace wall, my decor items were just too small.

See here, I love all of the pieces but it felt too cluttered but yet still not full enough. 

For the life of me I just couldn't figure this thing out.  Enter amazing sister-in-law with fantastic advice.  Shanna offered to go mantle shopping with me and I jumped at the chance so off to Home Goods, Marshall's, and Target we went.

When we were all done I hurried home with my treasures and sent Shanna lots of pictures so she could help me move things around and find the perfect fit for each piece. This is how it all went down (please excuse some of these pictures, working with an iphone here):

Testing different size frames:

After moving everything around for about thirty minutes I think we've finally got it!  My step-father is going to make over sized mats for those large frames so make sure to check back to see those soon. I am totally in love and the best part is that I get to stare at it every day : )

What do you think?  Do have any mantle stories or pictures to share?  We would love to see how you decorated yours!

See you swoon,

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