Punchy Pillows

Happy happy day!  I'm not sure about you, but I have found 2013 to be a great year so far.  I have a little living room update to share today.

The color scheme in my living room and dining room is evolving nicely.  I am following the inspiration board I blogged about last year.  You all know that I usually gravitate toward white, cream, ivory.  But my home was built in the 1980s and has a more modern vibe than cottage.  I cannot really get away with a cottage style in this place.  So while I am using all shades of white, I also brought in some colors that I love: pink, coral, yellow, seaglass green/blue and turquoise.  All of these colors are in the inspiration board, which I'll repost to refresh your memory.

Image courtesy of 6th Street Design School
Here were my couches and pillows until just recently.  I ordered the fabric in the pillows on the left and right had someone on Etsy make pillow covers for me.  I love them.   And the center pillow is the now-ubiquitous Dwell pillow from Target.

The loveseat had a large coral print pillow and two navy and white pillows.

While I love the print on the navy and white guys, there is something about them that just does not work.  They are too heavy for the space, I think.  So I put them aside (they are actually outdoor pillows and I got them on clearance at Target a few years ago for maybe $3 each ... I think I'll use them outside in the Spring!) and decided to bring in more pink and seaglass.  I got some pink and white pillow covers at Milk and Cookies Canada on Etsy. I like that they are mostly white, which I think keeps the space nice and light.  I bought the seaglass green pillow covers at the Pottery Barn Outlet on our last journey there.  

And here they are in the room!

Ahhhh ... pillows.  They make such a difference!  I'd like to bring in a couple more - definitely more yellow and maybe one more.  What do you think?  What would you do?

See you swoon,

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