A little entryway closet organization {part 1}

Oooh ... you know from the title of this post, with the mention of "part 1", that there will be a sequel.  I figured I would build the anticipation right away.

When I first moved into my place it was mid-Spring and the weather was lovely and warm.  I basically just threw coats, jackets, mittens, gloves and other "stuff" into the entryway closet and figured I would deal with organizing it later.  Well, now that it is Fall and I'm seeing Christmas all over, "later" is here.

You can see the closet is a nice large size.  It is also the only real storage closet that I have in the house, so it needs to be really functional.

Now for reality.  What's behind those doors? Oh ... only this.

Yikes.  The first thing I did was to make a plan.  I knew that I needed to divide the closet into three sections:  (1) the coat section; (2) the cleaning supplies section (vacuum, mops, brooms, etc.); and (3) the storage section.  I also had to address the kids' coats and figure out where they will hang them, since they cannot reach the hangers.  

I got out out my notebook and sketched the closet, along with the dimensions, and made a list of what I needed.  Here is the plan and the current status of the closet.

Coat Section

I made the right side of the closet for coats.  It is a little easier to get in and out of.  I moved the boot tray (from Christmas Tree shops last year) to the floor, which is where we will keep out winter footwear.  My coats hang here, and there are plenty of extra hangars for guests.

I also decided to take the kids' coats out of the closet and will move them to the kitchen, next to my tall wine cabinet.  It is hidden from view and they will be able to reach their jackets each morning/night.  Once I add the hooks, it will be a mini mud room just for them.

Cleaning Supplies Section

I bought a broom and mop holder at Target and hung it, and a separate hook for the dustpan and brush, on the wall.  This keeps my cleaning supplies out of the way but within reach.  I have the vacuum on this side, as well as big shopping bags, which I use for recycling.  I brought in a small shelf, and in it, I plan to get baskets for the kids' hats and gloves ... though I may ditch that idea and have them store their hats and gloves near their coats in the kitchen.  I had bought hooks at IKEA recently and hung them in this side of the closet, so I can hang my scarves.


The top shelf is the perfect spot for storage.  Right now, as you can see, I have things stacked up there.  I want to get some baskets or bins so that I can hide, and neatly store, the items from view.  I think I will keep my hats, car cleaning products/cleaning products, the DVD player for the car and other miscellaneous things up there.  I've measured the total width and depth of this shelf, so I can be sure I will get baskets of the correct size.

That is all for now!  I am excited to finish up this space before Winter hits.  Stay tuned. 

See you swoon,


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