You can tie it in a knot, you can tie it in a bow

There are so many ways you can wear scarves!  I wear a scarf almost every day whether it's just with my coat or with an outfit to spice things up a bit.  I love how you can wear them with a plain long sleeve shirt or even a tank top, throw on some jeans, boots, or even flip flops and wrap a scarf around your neck to take your outfit to the next level.

I found this great visual on Pinterest (of course) with fifteen different ways you can tie your scarf and you can go to The Fashion Spot blog here for tips on how to tie each one in the picture, so glad I found this!

Look how creative this scarf is with a leather tie.  You can slip the scarf end through, adorable and so unique (you can see some other leather options at the bottom)!

This picture looks so cozy.  Looks like one of those scarves you can just slip over your head, no tying needed:

If I am being totally honest, there is one celebrity that I find myself slightly obsessed with, her scarf wearing that is!

Hello Jennifer, welcome to Swoon , I am going to buy all the scarves you wear and tie them just he way you do.  So sheek, so classy.  Thank you for your scarf wearing inspiration :)  Oh and thank you for your amazing hair, I want that too, just the scarves and hair, not weird at all right?

I love how she wraps this one:

And my personal fav, flip flops (I am dying to wear these right now), striped scarf, white tank and jeans.  I mushy heart this one.

Are you into scarves?  What is your favorite way to wear them? 

Happy hump day!

See you swoon,


  1. Great post! I recently ventured into wearing more scarves so this is really helpful. Love the blog!

  2. Love scarves! I dont know if I buy the wrong ones but they never seem to fall the same was as the pictures...

  3. I want to wear scarves all the time and just never have the courage to do it. I have a scarf I wear with my coat, but I'm always afraid a scarf with a regular shirt would look dumb if I tried to do it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Gotta love that Jenn! Loved this post! My faves on the board are 1 & 9! cute cute cute!

  5. So glad you all found some inspiration here! Let me know how the scarf wearing goes!!