Ikea Ribba Picture Frame Addition

I have had these frames for weeks now and hesitated when it came to hanging them because of the material of the wall.  Cement and terracotta tile, fun, fun, fun.  Turns out the drill bit and anchors that were recommended did not work well at all (there is an ugly hole behind one of the frames but I will never tell which one!).  I went with good old fashioned nails and they held really tight.  Hallelujah!

The Ikea Ribba's came with a long wire and two metal clasps.  I had no clue what to do with these at first but watched a tutorial (I threw the directions out, who knew you needed directions with a frame!) on you tube so I knew how to hang them properly.  At first I thought about forgetting about the wire and just hanging the frames directly on the nails but after some thought I realized the wire would make it easier to make these level and adjust later on without too much hassle.  See how easy:

Take back off and slide metal clasps onto back board, attach back board again:

Metal clasps with wire (bad pic I know):

Better shot of wire and clasps:

All ll I had to do was eye ball the placement of the frames, easy peasy.  I was going to measure but I used the templates of paper that came with the frame and just hung them to get a feel for where I wanted them.  Now for my prints, Etsy here I come!

I am really loving the silver with the rice grain walls and my rustic mirror.  For now I am going to hold off on the mouding boxes under the chair rail to avoid frame overload!  What do you think?

Any projects that you finally got around to this weekend?

Happy Monday :)

See you swoon,


  1. Looking great Jamie! And don't worry about the extra hole - we've got a whole gallery wall of wrong holes after my husband made a major mistake while measuring up. Once they're covered by pictures, no-one ever knows!

  2. Thanks ladies! Brooke I am glad I am not the only one hiding holes behind pictures and you're right no one will ever know...except those who read the blog since I outted myself-haha!