Closet case ...

I sat around this past Saturday trying to find something to do with myself.  This doesn't happen often.  I rearely slow down and typically have massive to do lists that are completely unrealistic for any human being to finish in a week let alone two days.  See, of course I could go out shopping or buy materials for projects I have in mind but I am trying to save some dough right now so I had to come up with a task that would cost close to nothing...or free. 
At about 3:00PM I decided I would tear my closet apart and try to find a way to create space for hanging clothes, kind of late in the day to be starting a project but I jumped in anyway.  I have a small closet in our middle bedroom to hang dresses but right now my wedding dress resides in this space so I have a limited amount of room for anything else.  I need more closet space!  I know that some people reading this is probably saying, "typical", but no really I needed more room to hang shirts and pants and it was time to take matters into my own hands.

I started ripping things apart before I took pictures so excuse the insane looking shelves, this is not how they normally look on any given day.  This is a sort of shot of what the closet looked like before.  The previous owners had made this closet and built the walls around the shelves (I learned this the hard way, more on that in a minute).  Not many of the homes on our street have any closet space so I was thrilled to have this in our bedroom.  It worked well for the first year here but I really did need more space for hangers.

This was Kelly's side...and some of my side (I needed his space too, mostly for shoes)

This takes me back to my early pre-teen years when I would be so dramatic about having to clean my room that I would tear the whole thing apart.  Makes me laugh thinking about that now especially because I did it for fun this time!

These are the brackets holding up the shelves.  My original plan was to take out the smaller top shelf and move the larger second shelf up.  Midway through ripping these out of the wall my husband suggested just hanging the hangers from the shorter shelf.  OOOOH man I did not want to admit this at first but this was a much better idea.  I was creating a lot more work for myself than was really necessary. 

Now, here comes the issue with the previous owners building the wall around the shelves.  They are way too long to come out of the closet in one piece.  Yup.  Learned that after I had one hanging and jammed between the two walls.  Out came the Dremmel.  This actually worked out better because I could cut two of the shelves on my side creating hanging space and leave the shelves on my husband's side for his clothes.  He was happy he wasnt losing his shelves in this project (he also has a second closet with a dresser and hanging poles so he didn't need the space like I did).

Here is my side all done!  I always knew I had a lot of gray, white, black, and navy clothing but this really showcases that huh?  I need more color in my life STAT!

I do plan to get matching hangers but like I said, this was a last minute project so I had to work with what I had at the time. 

This is the other side with my husbands clothes...and still my shoes but I NEED that side!  Good thing he doesn't need it, thanks for sharing :)

Have any of you tackled closet projects lately?  Are you looking for a new more functional closet design to fit your life?  Tell us all about it!

See you swoon,


  1. Closet looks good! We have the same metal system in ours. I would love to have all wood shelving someday.

  2. That looked like a ton of work :) In my next life I'll have a huge walkin with drawers and seating! haha!