Oh the many possibilities

Shanna and I both got beautiful riding boots for Christmas.  I find a way to wear them at work with skinny cords during the week and skinny jeans tucked inside on Friday (gotta love jean day).  My work is business casual so it's a bit easier to get away with wearing skinny cords and my riding boots pretty often, I am fortunate with that. 
Shanna asked me the other day to help find ideas for her to wear her boots to work more often, ideas that were not just tucking skinny pants inside.  Her office dress code seems to be a bit more business professional or at least not skinny cords with boots approved so of course I jumped to the challenge of finding a way for her to wear those beautiful bits of buttery leather as often as she possibly can.

I warn you, this post will make you want shop.  Shanna, this may be bad for you right now since you are on a slight rampage (love you :) ).  In all seriousness though, it can be hard to find unique, appropriate ways to wear your riding boots so I hope this post helps to give you inspiration with your current wardrobe or when you go out looking for some cute pieces to add to your closet. 

I find myself in awe when I see someone pulling off an adorable outfit with boots and without running into frumpy territory (I currently do not wear my boots with anything but pants tucked inside but in my defense I think my big feet are a huge road block here, I probably need to become a little more adventurous!).

Let's get to it, get the eye candy glasses on, you know how I love eye candy Friday's!!

This is my #1.  Never thought I would be drawn to yellow tights but this outfit is the cutest thing EVER!  Adorable little cardigan, brown belt, navy dress and yellow tights?  Yum.

This one is sort of reversed with navy tights and a yellow skirt.  I do not wear many skirts...er I should say any skirts really but this outfit makes me want to try, and look a scarf too!!  I have to say, the tights with these ensembles really help to pull everything together and make you look and feel weather appropriate (unlike the open toe shoes I wore yesterday..in February..with snow on the ground..yup, I know, it was dumb).

UMMMM SWOOOOOOOON, SWOON, SWOON!  No words needed, just beautiful:

Next up, a simple sweater dress.  I would probably add a belt and a cute necklace but this would be appropriate for office or a night out:

Shanna just bought herself a beautiful red wrap dress.  I have yet to see it on but looky here!   A  wrap dress...with boots (I am not sure I love the maroon tights but it seems to work for her and after all, that is what fashion is about right, expressing yourself)!

I just can't get enough of these dress and boot combos.  Please let me win the lottery so I can shop for everything I want:

This one is fun a playful, comes off as very girly and flirty:

Of course I need to throw some casual looks in here too, I love all the outfits above but casual is more my style on any day of the week:

Motorcycle boots, scarves and a plaid shirt?  Hells bells, I love it all!

This would be a great casual Friday outfit and look, tan and white :)  Some of my favorite colors!

So get out there and do those riding boots justice!  I hope these helped to inspire you.  What do you wear with your boots?

Happy Friday everyone!!

See you swoon,


  1. The last outfit is my fave-it's the most like me, probably because I'm such a sucker for Burberry. I wish I had the confidence to wear riding boots because I do love them!

  2. I love my boots so much and wear them with almost everything. I like to wear them to church with a dress/skirt and tights. I love all of the inspiration pieces you shared. One thing I haven't really worn (at least in the last 5 years) is a plaid shirt--maybe even longer than 5 years. Anyway, I'm inspired and swooning with you :)!

  3. I LOVE this post!! I love wearing my boots but am always looking for new ways to wear them. And after this I've decided I need more skirts. And more colors of tights!!

  4. I love all these options! I wear my riding boots out, but i pretty much only wear them with leggings and skinny jeans. Apparently, I need to pump up my wardrobe with some funky tights!

  5. Heather, you must, MUST get a pair, you will love them!

    I usually just wear my boots with skinny pants but blogging about this has inspired me to purchase a few new items to try out (tights, yes mom, I said tights). I will let you all know how it goes and send your outfits over to me, I would love to see what you come up with!

  6. Thank you jamie!!! I am definitely going to copy some of these inspiration photos ... and will post here on the blog! I have a lot of pieces already in my wardrobe, which is a good thing!

  7. Oh, oh, OH!! I love this. I want the whole thing. I would have never in a million years thought that I would want yellow tights, but now I am DYING to have some. This look is so flipping cool.