Strapping some on

Belts that is!  There are so many ways to wear belts with dresses, skirts, and pants so I am going to show you some of my favorite looks that you can wear for every day styles at work or for a night out.

I had to get this wedding in the post first off because I love navy dresses but secondly, look at all the different styles of belts!  They are so stylish and can be worn with many other dresses and skirts.  Loving how the belts make the decor and pictures feel so down to earth and whimsical.

OK so love this dress and belt combo but what is so cool is that this picture is the product called Belt Loopy, why am I not the genius that came up with this!?  I always have this issue!!  Perfect to hold your belt end down when the tail is too long...or you can see another solution in the third picture below.

This is adorable right?  The color combo is stunning but I love how she has her belt tied.  This would work with a dress or a skirt like she has done here.

This is usually my go to style when I wear my long belt with dresses:


All of these looks you can pull off with jeans or pants too!  Here are some other fun looks I have found. 

I would show you some pictures of pants and belts but I think we all know how that works...I hope :)

Do you wear belts? What is your favorite way to accessorize with them? 

Happy Thursday all, almost the weekend!

See you swoon,

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  1. Love this look, but I dont have a great waist, so I tend to shy away from things that accentuate that.