A little Valentines Day Ooh La La

Happy Valentines Day!!

At first I wasn't so sure about this post but after Shanna and I went shopping this past weekend I knew I had to spread the word to the masses!  I am in love!!!  I am head over heels completely in love with my new bra from Aerie!

So I went forward with this blog post for two reasons, one because its Valentines day :)  This is a romatic, fun, sexy holiday so why not.  Second, what woman has been fortunate enough to never have to wear a bra?  If any of you are reading, kudos to you but for the most part, we all need one. 

The Maddie push up bra has the perfect amount of lift while still looking natural and for me, complete comfort to boot!  I know you will have to try this one on for yourself but in my opinion, we have a winner!
Not just a plain bra either, look at the pretty lace on the sides.  You can actually buy this without the lace but I was stepping outside my comfort zone with this one.
Aerie has a fantastic sale right now where the panties (yup, a word I never thought I would be saying on our blog) are 5 for $26.00 and all bras are 40% off! 

Here are some other things I have been checking out.  If I had an endless wad of cash I would buy everything all at once but until that happens I will be left here to swoon as always.

Aerie Paige cotton push up
Source: ae.com via Lynne on Pinterest

Aerie Lacy Tanga
Source: ae.com via Brittany on Pinterest

Aerie Slip dress

I know for the most part no one ever gets to see the fancy undergarments that we purchase for ourselves but it isn't it fun and just as important to feel as pretty underneath your clothing as you do on the outside?  Let me answer this for you, yes.

Don't worry, I am not going to ask about your undergarments today but I encourage you to go out there and buy something that makes you feel amazing, even if it is just for your eyes only.

Have a beautifully romantic day :)
See you swoon,


  1. Oh my! So pretty. I have a polka dot bra which was a huge change for me and I love it. I love that little slip dress as a nightgown!

  2. Ooohhh...pretty! I have a 20% off coupon for American Eagle so I may have to go take a look. Do you know if they carry bigger sizes for us-ahem-big chested gals? ;)