Switching Up the Den Pillows

Good morning! I have a little update in my den to share with you today.  The pillows! Here's what the couch looked like before:

Not bad, but something was not right with it.  I like the look on my little white chair much better -- see?

I'm a sucker for white and turquoise and yellow.  I just love the combo.  The pillows on the chair are from Target (the yellow and white) and a no-sew pillow that I made awhile ago.  The den couch is a very dark grey, so it can handle a lot of white on it.  I had some navy and cream trellis type print pillows (scored at Target on clearance for like $3 each), two yellow and white ikat pillows from Etsy, a shearling pillow from Pottery Barn, a large cable-knit sweater pillow from Pottery Barn and two printed pillows in the Richloom cornwall print from Etsy.   I realized that the Richloom cornwall printed pillows were the ones that were bugging me.  They felt too heavy or something with the grey couch.  See them here? 

So I kept an eye out for something different.  Back in December, Kirsten at 6th Street Design School posted about an incredible sale at Lands End on pillows.  The first one that she showed, the lattice pillow, totally caught my eye. I loved the blue and white.  I also loved the deal: $9.99 with 20% off and free shipping?  Um, yes.  I paid $12 total for the two pillow covers.  Merry Christmas to me!  Here they are:

I love how they look.  I put them on the pillows that previously had my yellow and white ikat covers.  Those covers were too small for the pillows and the back always looked like this:

Here is my couch now with the new pillows.  Much better!  

I still want another print - something that brings in the yellow and blues with a punch of something else like a coral or red or orange.  I'm on the hunt!   I'm also switching out the navy pillows - they are a little dark in the den, so I am adding them to the library/living room because I have big plans underfoot after getting your feedback in this post here.  I'm never, ever satisfied with pillows!

So what are you doing this upcoming weekend?  Any big or small projects on the horizon?

See you swoon,


  1. Love those Lands End covers, and love that deal you got on them even more!! I love Lands End!!! I am never satisfied with pillows or any accessory too long, I have decorating ADD, it's such a disease!!:))

  2. Love them! I love all the different patterns mixing together.

  3. Love them! We have the black version of those yellow ones.

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  5. Wow...I posted a comment for the wrong post on that last one. BUT, I love the pillow choices you've made. I can't wait to see the other ones you end up finding. I love all of the colors you listed--coral would be so pretty! This weekend, I'm hoping to finally work on the shelf I shared last week :)