Adding a Gallery Wall to the Den

Hi everyone and happy Friday!  I have a little project to share with you today!

With the den's bookcases and fireplace transformed and the walls freshly painted, it is high time to get some stuff on the walls.  This isn't exactly earth shattering information, but it always amazes me how much a room completely changes for the better when you put art or pictures up on the walls.  Right now, here is the space over my couch in a completely blurry picture (sorry!):

I wanted to do another picture gallery wall over the couch here, just like I did in our old living room, by following the same steps that I did there.  I had all the black frames with white mats, which is the exact look I am going for in this space.  I got out my frames and traced them onto some craft paper (I picked up this roll of paper at IKEA years ago) writing a description of which frame was which and an arrow to indicate which side was up.  I took my time in this step to measure where the hardware for hanging the pictures from was located on the frame and marked that on the paper with circles.  I do this now so that when it's time to nail in the wall, there is absolutely no question where to place the nails.  Like this:

Once my paper templates were all measured and ready, I played around with the paper frames by using painter's tape until I got the exact look I wanted.  I decided on this one:

With the arrangement decided, I then used my level to make sure that the top row was all nice and level and that each particular frame was level.  This takes awhile, but trust me: take your time during this step and it will be worth it! There is nothing worse than getting a picture wall up and realizing half of your pictures are crooked.  Next up and the most rewarding step: I took my hammer and nails and nailed right through the paper, took away the template and put in the actual frame.  This part goes super fast because I've done the hard work in the beginning!  And here is the gallery all done!

I had all the frames on hand but one.  I brought in one of the black frames I used in the Pottery Barn-esque typography art that used to hang in the kids' playroom in the old house.   I had to buy a small black frame (from Wal-Mart: only $8!) to complete the wall.  I had some of those smaller frames already but I kind of like them on the mantle where they are now.  I have to say, for only $8, this is a really nice looking frame with a fancy looking mat, no?

Here are a few more shots of the space:

This room is coming along!  Next up: I am swapping around some pillows and accessorizing those built-in bookshelves. Stay tuned!

See you swoon,


  1. Looks great! You know I love pictures as artwork. Can't wait to see what you are doing with your pillows. I'm a sucker for throw pillows :)

  2. It's perfect! It makes such a great statement in the room. I've been wanting to do a gallery wall on my stair way but it's one of those projects that gets pushed down the list... but this is making me want to tackle it sooner!

  3. It looks really pretty! I love the colors in your living room.

  4. It always amazes me how much life art on the walls add to a room!! It looks sooo good!! What a great deal on that frame with a mat!! I am finding more and more nice things for your home at Walmart! I used to be a total Target girl!! :)

  5. Thanks! Maury, I had put this project off too. Once the measuring is done, it goes pretty fast!

    Noelle, I know! Walmart is surprising! They have a great selection of spray paint as well.

  6. Aww this turned out SO WELL!! I'm in love with this room in your house!

    Is that couch from Ikea? I think its the one I am looking for our den! (I swear our tastes are so simliar!) My only worry is fitting it in any of the vehicles I have access to... I think I'm going to have to look into their delivery options! What did you do to get it from store to home?

  7. Hi Sara!

    Yes, it is the Extorp sectional from IKEA in Svanby Gray. Allow me to gush a bit ... it is awesome! I wanted something comfy, inexpensive, durable and well made. I have the two kids who are super rough on furniture. This couch is great! Even though the cushions say dry clean only (LOL) I have washed them numerous times due to spills (you just have to wash on cold and dry until just damp so they'll fit back over the cushions).

    It comes in three *huge* boxes. I sprang for delivery for $50. I knew it would be a challenge to get it home and we live close to an IKEA. I was able to assemble it by myself in about 30 minutes - it's easy, just a little awkward. I researched this one and the Karlsdad and it seems the Karlsdad is a total bear to assemble.

    Good luck! I highly recommend this sectional!

  8. Really adds so much shanna! Looks fab :)

    Abbey x