Lancaster PA, the perfect little vacation

Last weekend Shanna and I visited one of our favorite places on earth, from the title you already know where, LANCASTER!!!!  We are well aware that it was only a year ago that we took our first trip to the Pottery Barn outlet and decided that we would make that trip a bi-annual event.....YEAH RIGHT!  I m not sure who we were kidding but since that day we have visited Pottery Barn oh maybe 5-6 times and this last trip really topped them all off. 
Shanna found an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G deal here:

Oh yeah, we stayed overnight this time and when I say amazing deal,  I mean $69.00 each for the room, dinner and breakfast included and a coupon book for the outlets valued up to $650.00!  We had an amazing dinner with filet mignon and crab cakes and the breakfast bar was beautiful and delicious as well!  Shanna and I both agreed we need someone to make a buffet like that for us every day.  Anyone?

Mother nature certainly tried to throw a wrench in our plans:

Some may have been discouraged but did we let that stop us?  No!  Hi Shanna :)

We had split the day up with plans to go to the PB outlet, Christmas Tree Shops, and Goodwill in the morning, break for lunch and then head over to the Tanger outlets to finish the day with some much needed clothes shopping.

We were the first to arrive at Pottery Barn, they must have thought we were slightly nuts.  There were about twelve associates standing behind the counter when we walked in and they all turned at the same time to see who the heck was coming to shop.  Hehe, don't mind us!

It's official.  Shanna and I do some of our best work with inclement weather conditions.  We had come to realize our very first trip last year was this same weekend and it snowed.  We have come to realize this is a very good omen for us because both visits we have made out like bandits. 

The clothing deals were amazing and we really did use our coupon book, you never know with those things but it really was a nice surprise to have coupons we could actually use. 

A funny little story about a big purchase I HAD to make (there was no choice, you will see why in a minute).  So the day before we left Shanna and I both got our Pottery Barn outlet email with the weekend deal.  They were offering $200.00 off if you spend $1000 or more during their upholstery event, insane right?  Right.  I mean $1000.00 is a boat load of money and I had other plans for that money but I said to Shanna, just like this, "If I see my beautiful Pottery Barn Manhattan leather chair for $1000 and they give $200 off I am so buying it"..............  ..............  .............

This my friends is exactly what happened.  Talk about being held to your word!  I of course was not forced to buy the chair but I wanted it.

I thought and pondered and thought some more.  Measured and talked to Shanna and the store asscoiates and seriously, this chair was $1073.00 with $200.00 off.  Shanna made a very good point too (thank you Shanna), I would never find this chair for less, EVER.  She was very right in saying this and with that statement, the deal was done.  Welcome  home PB leather chair, welcome home.

I should have taken pictures of everything Shanna bought because she had a great day too!  I am sure she has some plans to show you in her upcoming posts.  I will also have some fun pictures coming after I change a few things in my den so stay tuned for that!

Soooooo anyone out there ever run into a situation where you spent more money than you had planned but got an amazing deal on an item you have been dying to have?  Tell us about it!

Happy Hump Day!

See you swoon,

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  1. That is a beautiful chair! I hope it's as comfy as it looks. That price for an overnight girls' trip is awesome. I'm glad you ladies had fun :)