Swoon Reader Poll! Bamboo Blinds: A Color Conundrum

Happy Thursday-almost Friday! Yahoooo!  Who wants to do a poll?

Every once in awhile, Jamie and I need some help with decisions in our homes. Usually (ok, every single day.  all day.  all the time), we consult one another about decor, paint colors, patterns, rugs, basically you name it.  But sometimes, we are both stumped.  That's when we need your help!  Poll time. 

Up today is a big debate I'm having: which color bamboo blinds to order?  I definitely want to put bamboo blinds on most (if not all) of the windows downstairs:  the living room, dining room and two kitchen windows need the blinds (and I'm thinking maybe the den windows too, since the sun really streams in in the early afternoon).   Here is a little round up of my windows:

dining room

living room


kitchen w/ Coco 

breakfast nook
The kitchen and den are painted "Mindful Gray"(a true, medium gray); the living room is painted "Alabaster" (a warm, crisp white); the dining room will eventually get a chair rail with molding boxes (all painted white) on the bottom and a dark gray on top.  

There are two colors of blinds I'm torn between: (1) Light (aka Petite Rustique Bamboo Blinds) and (2) Tuscan Bamboo Shades (a medium brown tone), both from Overstock.com.  I truly can't decide.  So I am putting it to a vote!  

(1) Light Bamboo Blinds

I keep coming back to these light blinds!  I love the way they look with grey walls and how they're a different tone from the wood floors.  I like that they still have that texture I want, but a light and airy feel.  I also think they're a bit less formal than the darker blinds and a bit more cottage, which is very much my style.  Here are a few pictures of this color in other people's spaces ...

Thrifty Decor Chick
Image courtesy of Country Living

Image courtesy of Oh So Beautiful Paper
Image courtesy of Aesthetic Oiseau
(2) Tuscan Bamboo Blinds

These are gorgeous as well. Just when I think "ok, I want the light blinds - for real," I will see a picture of this color and change my mind. Jamie has them in her home and I adore the wood tone - it's warm but not too dark, adds depth but does not suck the light out of the room.  I love how this color blind looks with grey.  Here are some rooms that I've found with this color blind! 

Image courtesy of Decor Pad
Jamie's front room!

Image courtesy of Use Your Indoor Voice
Image courtesy of The Lennoxx
So, now it's your turn!  Please help me make this decision and vote away!  You can see the results after you click your choice.  Thanks!

I'll be sure to report back with the results and my decision. Have a terrific day!
See you swoon,


  1. So I voted for the light. I immediately thought I was in good company because it was 100% for the light rustic, but then I realized I'm the first to vote :-)

    I think it's the right choice because you dont want the blinds to overwhlem the color of the walls and the lightness of your rooms. Plus, can I just say that I'm crazy jealous of all your windows? If there's anything that I could change about my house, it would be adding lots of windows.

  2. the tuscan works better with the darks/blue hues of the gray. The light would pull out more yellow tones.

  3. I voted light for your house. I agree with Maury about not wanting to take away from the other gorgeous colors in your home. I think the darker would say "hey look at me", as opposed to the light which would blend in nicely and add some texture.

  4. Wow..really swooning here. Your home is beautiful. Yeah, I'm thinking light for your house :). PS..love the poll, I was thinking about using something like that soon and you just motivated me to really do it :)!

  5. I voted Tuscan! I think it would look better with your light paint colors.

  6. Oh man! It's still a dead heat!

  7. A cat on the counter is a must-have for any kitchen's decor! :)

    Eric | My Site

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