Swapping paintings for a mirror

A while back I had decided to be come a painter (haha) and paint my own prints for the front sitting room to go between the windows.  I have enjoyed them and was proud of myself for painting tracing them but over time have grown bored of them and felt they were too matchy matchy with the dining room curtains (this is what I was going for initially but I have since changed my mind...this happens a lot).

Here is a look back at what I had between the windows:

I feel like I had these front chairs in this room years and years ago and it was only six months!

Shanna had an extra oval mirror laying around that just happened to be the perfect size for this space.  I thought it would be nice to have a mirror to bounce the light around the house and felt the need for more texture.  I had been looking at mirrors for some time and fell in love with the capiz shell styles but they were $$$$ so I had to come up with a new plan.  Make one of course!

I bought two inch round capiz shells online.  I ended up spending just under $40 on the 150 shells and shipping combined and the mirror was free.  First plan of action, fill in the grooves on the mirror.  This would allow me to hot glue the shells on to a solid, somewhat level surface.

Check this out!  Pink spackle that dries white when it is ready to paint :)

Here is the mirror after the spackle dried and with one coat of Sherwin Williams dover white paint:

 Ready to start attaching the shells with hot glue:

I overlapped the shells in three rows.  This actually helped to cover up the hot glue and the frame because the shells are very see through:

All done!  This actually took longer than expected but I am learning that everything does. 

Now it's time to hang this pretty lady:

And here is a full shot of he room so you can see how far it has come since the top picture with the chairs:

I love the reflection of the Christmas tree, too bad it has to come down this week, boo.  I am still thrilled with how this turned out and for a fraction of the price of buying one!

I hope you all had good times with friends and family this holiday season and welcome to 2012!

What did you guys work on over the break?  Start any big projects or finish something off?  You know we want to hear what you are up to!

See you swoon,