Little's Dressy Dresser

My baby girl is growing up!  She is in a big girl bed now and her room is starting to take shape, with the addition of cute curtains, a desk and a super sweet pink chair.  Up today: the adorable dresser I transformed for her room.  Here it is before:

I fell in love with this dresser when I saw it on Craigslist.  It's four feet tall and three feet wide, which is exactly what I need for her room.  As you can see, her changing table/dresser is a little too wide now that the curtains are in place:

I decided to sell the changing table/dresser on Craigslist.  I was able to sell it for the same price I paid for her new-to-her dresser.  Love that!   The changing table was in great shape - just too big for the space and (at least to me) was obviously a changing table.   Plus, I'll admit it: I was thrilled to part with the changing table if only because we are Officially Done With Diapers and Pull-Ups.  The new dresser is a Thomasville and beautifully made.  Jamie and I went to check it out together and were thrilled with the condition.  It was listed for $100, but totally worth it, since the only thing it needed was a little paint (unlike Big's new dresser and desk, which required far more work and new hardware).

I took a few hours and got out my primer and paint. This time, I tried two coats of Zinsser oil based primer, and holy moly cow - why didn't I do this before?  It made such a difference!  I only needed two top coats, the top coats were far smoother and easier to apply.  I will probably do this all the time now (especially given my proclivity to paint everything white).  I used just two coats of Dover White and then two coats of Polycrilic in satin finish.  As for hardware, I adored the vintage looking hardware on the piece and just painted them with Dover White spraypaint.  Here they are before and after:


Finally, here is the piece all together and in her room.

Doesn't it look great? Little's room is really coming along!  I have more to do - mirror and art on the walls, accessories ... stay tuned!

See you swoon,


  1. Perfect fit and it looks so much better! A fresh coat of paint is a miracle cure in my opinion.

  2. I puffy heart the dresser!

  3. It's beautiful! I love the shape and detailing on it, and it's so gorgeous painted white. Great job!

  4. Aw..Molly sounds so cute! I love it, Shanna--absolutely gorgeous!!

  5. Thanks everyone! I love how girly it is. :)