After: Hanging Ikea Blinds

Shanna and I were very VERY busy over the weekend!  I cannot wait to tell you all about it this week, stay tuned, Wednesday's post will have all the fun details :)

Before I move on to other projects I wanted to show you my quick Ikea blind update to the den. I know I promised this last week when I talked about  how to customize these for my windows and who doesn't love a quick before and after anyway?

I had to do a little extra snipping around the edges of the metal to make sure it fit but that was no big deal.  Other than that hanging these blinds was a cinch!

This was the window before:

Right now this entire room is cream so there is lots of painting in my near future to warm this space up even more.  The white blinds just made this room feel even more stark and blah.

And here is the after, I have to trim the top piece but other than that this project is D.O.N.E...on to the next! (also you can see a very tiny preview of what I was up to while Shanna and I were away!!)

What were you up to this weekend?  Any fun trips or projects? 

Happy Monday!

See you swoon,

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  1. The dresser for Molly's room turned out beautifully. Love everything about it; especially the drawer pulls! My mom had a few pieces of Thomasville furniture when I was little and it is very durable and well-built. You got a bargain!